Easy Part – Hard Part! How to Help You Succeed with Resolutions or Life Changes!

Well here we are again… In the land of New Year’s resolutions!

For me I really dislike this time of year for those. I promise to exercise! I promise to cut out soft drinks! Etc.. etc..The easy part of decisions regardless of the time of year is making them.

Earlier this year, my partner and I decided that we would save our money and pay off our debt. And be free by 10 years time.

Initially, it was fun because we found a million things to cut back on and save on. Then applied it to our debts and then did some more and did it again. Optimized and downsized our wants and decided what was really needed.

Things have gone exceptionally well for us. So much so that even through the holiday season. Our credit cards were not used once. Even after he got a surgery that showed no income from him for over a month.

That is all well and fine. And I would like to say that it will be a glorious success. I want to believe it will be, but the fact is although we decreased our debt by almost $10000 in about 3 months. There is still over $150000 to pay. When put that in perspective, we still have a long way to go.

What happens when we have optimized all we can and all that is left is the big debts, like mortgage and a credit line. Well, we know we have to bear down and pay it off. We have big plans of early retirement by paying and saving. But what happens when the wind goes out of our sails. Do we fall back into the same old patterns and just go “blah”.

Like exercising for the first few weeks of the new year and then stopping…

Here’s a few things that might help you out, whether it’s a new year’s resolution or simply a new life change.

Just because you fail today does not mean you cannot try again tomorrow. I stopped smoking 3 times before this last time seemed to have worked.  My husband and I will have been smoke free 4 years this coming February. I had quit the first two times for a one year each and then 3 years the last time. I am hoping that this time is the last, but it gives me great joy to know that if for some forsaken reason I was to start back up, I could try again tomorrow.

So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t do it today. You can always try again tomorrow. Just don’t give up. Remember I had quit a total of five years before I quit this time. That was a success for the time I was not polluting my lungs, so really I can’t call this a failure.

Keep repeating and remembering why you are doing what you are doing. My husband and I want to be free to be who we want to be. To travel and see the world and meet different people. To have financial security knowing we have a home that’s paid and can live a minimalist lifestyle without too much trouble later on if we want to.

I have also started exercising on the treadmill and when I don’t feel like it, I remember that I want to feel better. I want to lose weight to help my ailments, to give my heart a chance to stay healthy as I age. That is important and I remember this when I really hate it. This one has been a hard one for me because I hate exercising with such a passion, I can find myself walking angry. Then I remind myself why and try to just do it and get it over with and remind myself that taking care of our shell is a lifelong commitment and to just do it. Going on Four weeks and I’ve only skipped one day so far. Not too bad for the holidays!

Remember to try to enjoy the progress you are making. Don’t fluff it off and then go to the next one. If I have paid a bill or feel better in my clothes. I take a moment and feel really good about it. It’s the little steps that make the big ones happen.

And last but not least, talk about your changes to everyone. Remembering that if you fail, you will have to repeat to everyone as you see them why you did not do it. If you don’t talk to people about your changes, it’s probably because inside your head you have already failed at some point and don’t want to have to justify or explain why when it happens.

Be brave. Tell people your big plans. Hold yourself accountable. It’s also a great trick to help you back on track.

And OK, this is the last one. Do what you can today! This minute, this moment. You are changing and living in the present and creating your own changes and great life right now.

Well as the final days of the year are finally approaching, I wish you all the best of intentions and a fabulous year. I have had a great year in 2015. I am sure that whatever 2016 holds will keep me on my toes and offer me great opportunities. I hope that whether your last year has been good or bad that you go into this new year with great hope of wonderful days ahead!




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