10 Day of Gratitude until Christmas – Day 9 – A Peaceful Home!

This one could be applied at any time of year, but is always meaningful to me at this time of year. Unlike others at Christmas time who put up with rowdy unruly family members, we have tried to steer clear of such phenomenon.

We are way too opinionated to have to dealĀ  with “fill in the blank of anything that is aggravating and annoying in another human being” any other time of the year and we cherish our time off and try to make sure we stick around happy people at any time of year and especially at the holidays.

While for many it’s a time to have to deal with this kind of aggravation, it’s not for us anymore.

Gone are the days of groping relatives, slobbering drunk kisses and the alcoholic squads and all the problems they cause that for some are just the normal usual stuff.

Having to deal with others issues and drama ranks very low on our lists of things to do in our lives, so we stick to happy and enjoy our boring lives.

For this I am grateful and don’t let guilt of duty or family hold me to have to be tolerant of others bad behavior. Manipulation, Bad Behavior and Ignorance is something I no longer tolerate in my life, regardless of the time of year.

If after being in anyone’s presence you feel a void, aggravated, annoyed or disturbed. These people have nothing to offer you and you should preserve your happiness for people who contribute to it, not against it.

So this holiday season I wish you to be surrounded by peace and happiness and good times. Life is too short to have to endure days. We are here for just a moment in time.



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