10 Days of Gratitude until Christmas – Day 8 – Extra Time Off!

For most of us who work 40, 50, 60 plus hours a week, Christmas can offer a nice break in the month of December. I always enjoy the break especially when it coincides with a weekend.

A time to stop for a moment and take in the days. To wake up with nowhere to go, but to your cup of coffee and a quiet home, because our gifts and stuff are opened up the night before and every one is usually sleeping in.

Its nice to take the time and remember who we are instead of always being the job. You can sit and enjoy the gifts you received which for me is usually the gift of everything and everyone I love everyday, to sit by the Christmas tree by day and watch it glow at night. No rush. No thoughts.

A warm fire and some quiet time.

At my home, Christmas day starts off pretty slow and then gets into its own groove as we (meaning my husband) cook for our family meal.

For myself I totally appreciate and am grateful for any extra days where I am not the job I do, but simply myself. That is why my husband and I are so fervently working towards early retirement so we can have extra days of living to just become who we were meant to be and not the jobs we do to pay the bills.  So any time off or reminders of what’s to come, really makes us smile and grateful.

I wish you a peaceful and happy time. And a nice time to reflect on how good life is. Because if nothing else, you are alive and that is good!

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