10 Days of Gratitude until Christmas – Day 7 – Christmas Spirit!

Ever look at the eyes of a young one looking at the Christmas tree?Being on Facebook I have noticed lots of pictures of the young ones experiencing the magic of their first Christmas tree, their first Santa.

Santa and Christmas can really the most magical for these tiny people, if the adults in charge make it so. Having lost the illusion of Christmas quite young I always protected it and guarded it closely for my kids and always hope that other parents do the same too.

I remember decorating the kitchen cabinets in my house and would do it while my kids were in bed the first years so in the morning I could tell my boys that Santa was doing a dry run for Christmas Eve and had dropped some wrapping paper and that after hearing an explosion in the kitchen, this is what I had found.

Their eyes would get really big and I would love the fact that for that first year, they believed my story and got really excited, and it was something I cherished.

It’s not the Santa story that is important more than the fact that for a moment in their lives we help our kids believe that this world is a magical place.

I believe if we kept some of that as we got older we could create our own magic, instead of making this world a reality of heavy weights on our shoulders, of rushing and pushing and impatience at this time of year.

We have such a picture of what perfection should look like for Christmas we forget to enjoy it as adults, instead of taking old wrapping paper and making up exploding wrapping paper stories as you watch your kids giggle in delight, we try to get it all right when all you really need in the end is to spend a day with the ones you love.

Sometimes its less the gifts than the actual anticipation and magic of Christmas that are important.

Feed the magic and beauty to your kids and watch your spirit rise with theirs and maybe start believing that Santa really will come see you this year!

I know that my gifts arrive on time every year since I have my beautiful family to share the holidays with!




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