10 Day of Gratitude until Christmas – Day 6 – Christmas Feast!

If you find yourself out there getting some last minute shopping done. Remember to smile. This is a time of giving and being nicer to your fellow man. And lets face it. Someone out there might just appreciate your smile when so many are pushing and shoving. Having said that, I am on my sixth day of gratitude and my countdown would not be complete without a Christmas feast. I know with alternative lifestyles, the mention of a turkey dinner can upset a lot of you and you’ll have to excuse me for this one, but I love my turkey feast at Christmas.

The beautifully set out table with all the fixings and all the trimmings. In a world where we don’t take time to sit around as families and everyone is with their noses inside their phones. I love holidays dinners and Sunday dinners for such a thing. I’m lucky that my boys know to put their phones away at family time. It’s lovely.

Christmas music playing in the background. A warm fire, a warmer stove cooking. Beautiful lights of red and green and yellow. Sitting around the table with your beautiful family. Some say grace together or are just thankful for another year with each others presence. We say grace to remember my Dad and how he did it every day and a longer grace on holidays. My older son reciting his exact words that makes us bring him back to us for a moment during the holidays.

Then we dig into the candied carrots (mom’s recipe with maple syrup and brown sugar). And turnip with potatoes mixed together (also mom’s recipe). The wonderful well cooked turkey made with love and precision by my partner. Then some gravy, cranberry sauce and hot buns. We sit down to eat together in the glow and warmth of our love and home and we are so grateful that we can be together and share this moment.

This moment has become sacred whether we are 16 or only 4. There is always an extra chair for anyone that might be needing company on this day. Knowing that sometimes the holiday season is hard on some who are going through trials and tribulation or just a big change, it’s important to share your love and food with people at this time of year.

I could go on, but I don’t feel I have to. For if you can’t feel the beauty of this, then there is nothing more I can write to make anyone feel it.

So 5 more days before Christmas. I hope that your shopping is done. Your beautiful family is safe and loved, and that you are able to get all your happy wishes out to everyone this holiday season.

And that for whatever type of meal you are sharing with the ones you love that its a day you remember and cherish for years to come.


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