10 Day of Gratitude until Christmas – Day 5 – The “S” word!

I will have to go by memory this year because there is still no snow on the ground as of yet for this Christmas season! We got a dusting a month of so ago and then it was gone due to very mild weather this year.

But today I am grateful for snow. Yes, for some it’s the dreaded “S” word. Now although cold weather and snow go hand and hand. It’s not freezing weather I am talking about. I am talking about insulating, pretty falling snow.

The stuff that takes the dreary brown and dead looking country setting and turns it into a bright and white setting.

The kind of snow that makes a crunching sound when you walk on it. The perfect snow to make a huge snowman out of and that the twinkling lights of decorations reflect off of at night.

The first fat falling snow that you try to catch with you tongue. The sticky snow that can double you wool mittens in size when you play in it.

The snow you ate as a kid and knew to avoid the yellow one.

The kind of snow that makes you long for a wood stove when coming in from it and the same stuff that gives you rosy cheeks after being outside.

Snow completes those first few months of winter and Christmas. That same snow we pray leaves by end of March.

But regardless who you are, you can’t deny that magical feeling you get watching that first light beautiful snowfall and how beautiful it looks after a fresh fall in the early morning when the winter sun hits it just right.

And although we probably will end up with a green Christmas this year, at least at my end of the world, I have the wonderful memories of all the years past and how wonderful it feels and that can take me until the white stuff graces us with its presence again.

So if you have the white stuff this year and love it, have a walk for me and make sure to listen to the crunchy sound under your feet.

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