10 Days of Gratitude until Christmas – Day 4 – Christmas Cards!

Have you even gone to the  always empty mail box except for the junk mail you don’t want to find a Christmas Card hiding in there? Isn’t it great? I always get a special thrill when someone sends me a card. Used to be from my grandmothers. But as I got older and grandparents passed away, the cards became less and less.

With the invention of e-cards, it’s a lot easier to send something electronically than to buy a card, write something thoughtful and then go to the post office and spend on a stamp and finally send the thing.

Why would you do the work when there is an easier and cheaper alternative?

Well I believe that sending a card to someone proves you care enough to take the time and energy to do it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I send e-cards too and haven’t been the best at sending the old fashioned cards. Busy living gets in the way and an e-card as almost always saved the day. But in recent years I have found that it makes me feel good to do so.

I have also started taking a family pic every year and inserted it in the cute cards to send to people as an add in to make them more personal.

I find it makes me feel good. I have also been the recipient of home made cards and that is always really nice as well.

It’s also great to go to the mail and spot an unassuming card with handwriting you don’t always recognize and wonder who it’s from instead of a bill or advertising for another sale of stuff you don’t need to buy or no one needs to receive.

I find as I get older the more I want to go back to these special things. I remember as a kid not really paying attention to the card and always focusing more on the gift. How things change when you realize that the gifts are all forgotten, but the thought of someone caring never leaves you.

Now the card seems to bring me more joy since I know that I was in someones thoughts and that… makes me feel all warm inside.

So get messy. Go get some glue and beads and write a sloppy message in your handwriting that will be either legible or illegible and make someone smile. Cause you know for a moment, they will.

So with this on my Day 4. I am grateful for Christmas Cards. Sending them or receiving them. Both equally feels good.

FYI…if you don’t know what to write and want something nice to say, you can google it and get some awesome ideas to say when the feeling is there but the words escape you.

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