What To Do With Frustration!

This one is a personal one for me and I swear if I perfect this one, I would be the happiest person in the world. How many times a day do you get frustrated? For me, it used to happen quite a few times of day either being frustrated or exasperated with situations, mostly based on what I considered inconsiderate or ignorant people.

Some people spend their lives only concerned with themselves and their own advancements or tunnel vision focus and I have learned that you can’t preach to these people because they will learn their own lessons in their own time.

Examples of this for me is this:

You should never feel envy or frustrated towards that junior executive kissing butt to get ahead, because he has not realized that doing a good job is important but selling yourself to get ahead is so far from the meaning of what is important in this life.

One day when these people wake up and start questioning why they are here and stop running around trying to get ahead of everyone else, their true formation of their meaning on this planet will begin and you can wish it for them and smile if you are lucky enough to witness it.

For the time being, send them peace and calm and wish them well. Involve them in talking about their loved ones and their passions in life that bring them happiness and let the other frustrating stuff go. Hope that if you are kind enough to them, they just might spare throwing you under the bus to get ahead. And if they do end up doing it, you can kindly remind them that the only legacy we leave in this world is how we lived and the kindness we do unto others because everything else we have to leave behind when we go.

How do you want to be remembered?

Others that frustrated me are people who are so rushed they become mean and inconsiderate. I have slowed down in my own life, realizing that the feelings of stress and aggravation were making me sick, this is why I usually avoid the Walmart’s of the world, I let the hurried people go ahead and stare at their discontented grave looking faces as they pass me, cut me off and realize that they are not really enjoying the journey and I start feeling sad for them. I don’t believe they are fully taking advantage of what life has to offer unlike my husband who loves to take his time and  look outside the car window as I drive and notice all the little stuff that surrounds us. He loves to find deals and calculate how much we save by shopping different stores. He enjoys his coffee as we leave town as he relaxes and continues on his day. A few people should take a page out of his book, even me who is more high-strung than him at times.

So by now I’m hoping you have guessed my secret. When anyone is so focused on the misery or tunnel focus that is part of their lives, you have to feel sorry for them and focus on your blessings. The fact that you don’t subscribe to such things, and that you are looking for beauty and are exuding that kind of vibe is so much nicer and your body will feel so much better, trust me on this.

Get out of your own head and the misconception of jealousy or a sense of injustice and frustration. Are you really jealous of someone who runs on a dead end road? No, why you should you be. Do you really care if someone needs to pass you on the road or in the isle as they glare at you? Unless they are jeopardizing your life, I would say, let them run. They are missing the beauty of the experience of being here. And you don’t want to be this person do you?

Don’t spend a minute of your day giving them any attention other than wishing them well and hoping they learn to live being happy instead of being greedy, rushed or frustrated.

When you are part of any of these situations that aggravate and can still surround yourself with calm and peace. I’d say you have started making your way to a much better place. You are also creating your world where others will want to be near you. The right people will find you. Believe me when I say this. You attract what you live.


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