The Powerful Thought of Abundance!

Every one wants more money. I’ve heard it before and even in my head. If I could be debt free, then I’d have money. If I could make more money than I could pay all my debt and have more money. But I’ve recently realized that as with most things, our thoughts of wanting more of one thing to do more of another is not one of abundance, but a vicious circle that we get caught in.

I have realized that abundance in living is actually living with less. We buy and buy stuff without thought sometimes. We go to stores and suddenly spent 125 dollars without a thought. Then we stopped in at another store and spent another 50 dollars on something else. The end of the day can be quite a shock when we suddenly look at our balance in our bank accounts and then we do the same pattern with credit as if the money belongs to us.

As I am slowly going through my house and I am having a tremendous hard time digesting giving away the stuff I have never used, the stuff I kept buying that I just had to have when I saw it, that then sat in my home cluttering it for over a year with no use whatsoever.

I’ve really started looking at my finances in the last few months and noticed all that I could pear down of and suddenly there is over $700 extra money a month in our accounts that was not there before, just with a little effort and barely any sacrifice.

Now that I am cleaning out stuff I am less interested in buying anything new and really paying attention where the money is going, because suddenly I don’t want to waste the money I have saved on things that will just clutter my already cluttered home.

I didn’t realize just how wealthy I really was until my husband had to go under the knife for a routine operation, but one that would keep him out of the workforce for about a month. And you know what? After not so careful planning, we are surviving quite nicely with what is in the bank without having to get into debt.


Being the kind of person who has always been paranoid of living to the last dime, I have always left enough money in the account for an emergency. Around 1000 to make sure if we needed it, there it was. That and the monthly 700 that I had not reassigned to anything so that it accumulated making an emergency fund of sorts. Also, now that our bills had decreased drastically, we could continue living as if nothing had changed.

The feeling of abundance is incredible. To know that we can survive on less that we have before, with one of us out of commission, and that we are making it without much effort.

All this to say that we created our own abundance. By spending less than we earn, we now have an abundance of funds that can be put towards the all so dreaded debt repayment and eventual mortgage repayment so that in future days all we need to do is to take care of food and hydro and we can live comfortably on much less than we are now.

And I believe that is when you become abundant. When the money you bring in can take care of your needs and more, because you don’t live beyond your means. You get out of the “I want” cycle and don’t expect the money you make to bring you happiness.

I have found that the best way I can do this is to only shop for what I need. To leave everything else in the store that I don’t need and tell myself if I really want it after a week that I can have it. I have 99% of the time never returned to get the item that caught my attention.  If I do, it’s because I really wanted it.

No big ticket items unless it’s an emergency until all my debt is paid.

Look for bargains on food and plan out our meals.

Snowball our debt, take the money from one bill paid and roll it into the next one.

Look out for any or all methods of how to save even more money. Why would I ever want to spend my hard earned money on anything more than I have to.

Soon I want to look at percentages and see how much of one we can live on and eventually how much of our wages we can invest in compounding our money.

But needless to say that I am enjoying and cherishing the stuff that did not get donated and making sure that its use or value is important.

And try at all times to remember that if I have people I love and a beautiful home with warmth in it and a fridge with food in it, that everything else is just indulgence! After all some people in this world can find every day happiness with much less.

Once you get to that point, you too can enjoy the thought and reality of living a life of abundance.

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