I’ve stopped watching the news and try to stay away from the drama, but regardless of how I try to avoid it, I still get to hear the traumatic state of affairs the world keeps trying so hard to break everyone with. People hating others because of religion and race. No one trusting his neighbor. It would seem some days the extremists are winning at making this planet paranoid about everyone.

Just as I’m wondering if I should start prepping for the worse, I happen on an event that although simple in nature, made me tear up as I drove to work this morning.

As I was leaving my little country home, my next door neighbor (across the road) waiting with is son for the bus, flags me down. I figured he might want a ride for his son, since I saw him on his phone and he looked like something was wrong. To tell you the truth, I was waiting for a favor to be asked as I parked my vehicle near the side of the road.

Instead they both come to my car window and tell me they are going to give me chocolate.

You know those chocolates that the school has the kids sell every year. The ones that cost too much but supports the kids activities and that everyone gets suckered in to buying. Well he gives me 4 chocolate bars, one for every member of my family. He tells me I owe him nothing and to have a great day.


I wave to this neighbor with a smile when I can, but to say we have a close and fuzzy relationship. I would have to say no.

Just as my light was dimming slightly on the human condition, I was given the gift of knowing there are some nice folks out there and I’m lucky enough to have one living across the way from my home. Actually truth be known, I have some pretty nice folks living around me.

Now I want to make it clear that I don’t believe the world can be saved by a chocolate bar (although it might…chocolate is pretty awesome), but I do believe that the fact that I was not scared to stop, that I am not scared to accept kindness without fear means that maybe in our part of the world, we are doing something right. That somehow we managed to keep those values of olden days, when you could trust your neighbor. That no one has it in for you. That we are all trying to make our every days as peaceful and happy as we can.

I want to protect that. I want to keep that.

With that in mind, I will be making cards for my 3 closest neighbors to let them know that I appreciate having them surrounding me in our little country town. I want them to know that I know they are there and that I appreciate having them there.

I think it’s important to reconnect with each other.

I am so grateful this morning for this gift and lesson. For all the drama in the world, even today, there are people who are willing to work on keeping that alive.

Have you thought of giving a card to your neighbor! Watch them smile at the kindness of it. Trust me, it means more than you will ever know. We need to be good to each other. It doesn’t have to cost money. It just needs to mean something nice.

Did my neighbor know just how much I needed that act of kindness this morning? Probably not. He was just being a nice guy. But imagine if your actions created a reaction of kindness that spread the world over. Nice thought.

Thinking that if you can build your community one kind gesture at a time, you can soon build a population of people who take care of one another. The way it should be.

And I think the world really needs to remember this valuable lesson right now. Don’t you?



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