Embrace Different Views But Live Your Own Life!

You know that moment you talk about something you have been researching and are interested in or passionate about, only to have that guy tell you what a bad idea it is.

And then you spend the rest of your day thinking “What a Know-It-All and who does he think he is? ”

But are they really know-it-alls or do they have just real strong opinions? They probably believe what they say and are very sure of themselves, but then again aren’t we all?

Probably yes. But I’m talking about that special brand of person. The one who thinks they know everything but really are just talking not from personal experience, just from personal opinion or the opinions of people who passed it down to them.

Its a very compelling thing to think you know it all. It’s much harder to stay open to different points of view.

There are certain things I have very strong opinions on. Usually anything to do with personal injury towards people I am against. Emotional or physical. I tend to disagree with anything that allows it to live or allows it to happen in our society, whether that comes from beliefs or ignorance. Human harm is human harm.

Beyond that, everything else is the human experience and the word experience should be important here. It’s ridiculous to think you know everything if you have never first hand experienced it. You can be well versed and have some good information, but to say that you know for sure, well that’s your opinion or that of hearsay.

I will always listen to others opinion, but will ultimately make my own decision. And lately, it’s usually on a more adventurous side.

So next time a know-it-all gives you their opinion, remember to question. Have you done this, or have you been there? If they say no. Take this into consideration. Smile. Thank them and make up your own mind. Be open to the information, since it can lead you to do more research and be even more prepared.

People with closed off minds and strong opinions usually put themselves in situation where they end up looking ridiculous anyways.

I had one lady last month ask me if I milked the cows by hand in the morning after I told her we did our laundry manually now. She thought it was all very funny but soon became very serious when I showed her my energy bills and how I had cut them in half.

People like to make fun or disagree with what is not the norm. Doesn’t mean they are right or wrong. Just means you can do what you want.

It’s really simple to do this once you practice and may help you with living your own life instead of listening to how others would live it for you.

Different points of view are excellent and being open to them is even better, but in the end, you decide.

So gather in the positive and do what feels right for you!



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