When Enough is Enough!

Change is a scary thing because mostly, it takes you out of your comfort zone.It’s messy and usually takes up your time. The thing is sometimes taking the time can save you money, optimize your life and bring change where change is needed. A change today can lead to happiness tomorrow and in your future.

This last year I got out of my comfort zone for the first time in a long time to save money. I changed companies that I had been loyal to for many years.

Thing is, they were no longer loyal to me. They overcharged me for everything until I finally decided that the messy part of change was going to save me over $7000 a year. Even that uncomfortable change made you stop for a moment, didn’t it!

Thing is you can start with one change at a time and save and then move one to the next. When you gain so much because of these changes, it becomes well worth the effort of doing it.

My latest change I am toying with is work. Although where I am is offering me a paycheck and benefits, I am getting tired of the internal politics and the fact that I have been at the same position for 6 years with little kudos, acknowledgement or significant raise, although I consider my contribution to this location has far outweighed their contribution to me.

I can safely say that I may be really tired of still being the underpaid female of my office, the lack of recognition and what seems like no possible chance of advancement works at my soul almost every day.

As much as I’d like to just walk out, anyone who works and has bills to pay knows that it’s a tricky thing to do.

However, nothing stops anyone from looking for work as you still work. Here is where the change comes. Instead of waiting, you can always put feelers out to see if you can do something else. Maybe even something completely different you would prefer doing.

With the world of internet out there, many possibilities could soon be opened up to me and you. Something that can be done as a sideline could soon become an income replacement.

If you are interested in saving money, you can look up my past posts in the  “Saving Money”  section or you can start by purchasing my book on “How to Save on Your Energy Costs” very cheaply and this would also support my writing career :). The link is on the right of the screen if you are on a laptop or at the bottom on a smartphone (its for the U.S. site of Amazon, but its available in most countries). The tips are great and work. I have reduced my energy bills by half in the last 5 months alone.

All this to say that change can be good for you. Start small and snowball yourself into more money and happiness.



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