The Power of Touch

In a society of rushing around and sitting in our corners staring at our phones, it’s also safe to say that we are probably the most disconnected we have ever been in the most connected world of today.We hardly speak to the person on the bus beside us, but text and Facebook a million people a day. Connections have grown leaps and bounds when it comes to mental attachments, but have decreased astronomically in physical connection.

This is a only a personal opinion, but I do believe that this is also contributing to people feeling very lonely and depressed. We have learnt to love the masses but have forgotten the individual work of loving and touching.

It’s terrible to be surrounded by people but to feel so very lonely, because we are forgetting to interact with each other.

To stand next to each other, to touch each other. Even couples of today don’t touch each other the same. We end up co existing and although become the best of companions, the physical kindness we should be showing each other comes down to a peck and a few gropes when it should be so much more.

Touching is so good for you and has so many benefits.

It can help with feelings of depression. Why would it not? If someone touches you, massages you or holds you, it just stands to reason it will make you feel better.

We touch small puppies and children and massage their legs and arms to make them feel secure and loved. Why does this change when we get older? Although some say it’s because we get too big for that, the benefits remain the same.

It can relieve stress. Being touched or massaged can lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety when things get too much. Relaxing you into a better state of mind.

It can help relieve pain from ailments such as back pain, Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Muscle Aches and Pain etc… Light massage can help with recurring pain, encouraging positive blood flow. Also knows as massage therapy.

Touching someone is the best way to move into the next phase of touching that leads to sexual relations. Most of the time, and mostly women like an introduction to physical relations. The squeezing the breast or butt to get you going usually lacks any kind of tenderness needed to get things going. Touch is a great introduction to more.

Couples who touch more often have a better chance of surviving as a couple.

When couples stop touching it brings feelings of neglect and the term falling out of love with someone comes to mind.

Feelings of neglect whether founded or not are the number one killers of relationships.

If more people actually touched one another, human relations of all kinds would probably benefit from a more personal connection.

So take someone’s hand you love and massage it. Rub their neck, backs. Play in their hair. Get acquainted with the human body and remember that a hug can go a long way too.

And the best part, it feels great and if you do it with the right person, it strengthens your relationship and it’s even free.

I’m thinking that this planet should re connect with touch, how about you?


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