I Give Thanks! Top 10 Grateful Things to Do!

Since it’s Thankgiving for my neighbors in the U.S. I figured it would be a good time to write a little bit of how you can give thanks.

Here is my top ten list of how to give back and the great thing of it is, if you do any of these, it’s sure to make you feel great in return!

  1. This one is easy, but if you try to respond to most things with gratitude and love, even if it’s a difficult situation or with difficult people. Not only does it diffuse the situation, it will also help keep your stress levels down.
  2. If you can share something, do it. Sharing with others is proven to release some awesome endorphins and hormones in your body, making you happier.
  3. Give someone a random compliment. Notice something nice about them and tell them. There is no better confidence booster and a sure fire way to make a friend.
  4. If someone had done sometime nice for you, turn around and do something nice for someone else. Keep the chain of nice going.
  5. Small thought out gifts are sometimes better than huge gifts without meaning. Someone gave me a rock from the place they visited knowing that I would prefer that to the plastic tourist crap they sell in the stores. I appreciated the fact that they know me that well.
  6. Convey your happy thoughts and compliments on social medias. We have such opportunity to do good and spread the joy.
  7. Try to be genuine when you do nice things. Don’t force it. You are losing out on the benefits if you do it that way.
  8. Look at every thing you have and all the people in your life with grateful eyes. May be a good opportunity to get rid of crap that is just clogging your house. Make sure that the things in your home have meaning.
  9. It’s old fashioned, but write a letter of appreciation and send it off. It’s a dying art , but receiving a letter from someone with a note is still the most awesome thing.
  10. If you can do it, give the people you love a hug. The benefits are amazing to your body and soul.

So that’s it. That’s my grateful list.

To everyone celebrating Thankgiving today, I hope you have a wonderful and fulfilling happy day!

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