Found myself looking at YouTube videos yesterday about kissing. Yes kissing. They even teach you that now.

Now, I’m proud to say that I’ve never needed any help in this department, cause I’m a pretty damn good kisser.

However, I’ve noticed that kissing scenes can make a lot of people blush when they stare at it on the tv. Ever wonder why?

I think I have figured it out. It’s because it’s the most intimate situation that you can get two people in.

I think people handle the act of sex or even the naked human body better than seeing two people kiss.

Why? Because it’s like you are intruding in something so personal, so sensual that it almost makes you shy looking at it.

If you stare at a good kiss long enough, you can find yourself being turned on by it.

Kissing is the gateway drug to sex. If you can find a partner that can take you there, you can soon lose yourself somewhere not on this planet that can make you forget your own name.

It’s also an introductory to the next step of getting naked and making babies!

A kiss is so personal and wonderful, some prefer to do just that for hours on end, because the feel good feelings are like a great drug.

Endorphins are released and your feel good chemicals such as serotonin, oxytocin (known as the love hormone) and dopamine.

It activates the part of the brain associated with reward and addiction.

Ever hear of someone saying they are addicted to love. Guess that it’s possible that these people are addicted to the feel good feelings you get from kissing and hugging that new love.

It can have benefits such as relieving stress, lowering blood pressure and is good for the heart.

Here’s a cute video on do’s and don’t of kissing. Take a look see. Some of these are super funny!!

Having said that. Go kiss someone today! Well maybe ask them firstl 🙂

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