Favorite Time of Year!

It’s a time of Giving…A time of decorating in bright red and greens, or whites and blues, or gold and silver.


Regardless of what your favorite colors are, this is the holiday season. What makes mine even better is the snow that comes with it. Making the barren trees and brown ground feel bright and white and renewed.


Although 4 months of winter is long and depressing, especially after the holidays are done and we all just want to be warm again, the preparations towards the holidays have taken on a different meaning for me every year.

Now I know that giving should be done every day of the year and no doubt that everyone reminds you when people start giving in the holiday season, but you know what, this time of the year, we are reminded how important it is to give. Because we feel good or try to until someone or media try to steal your happiness.


Every year, there seems to be some news items that tries to steal your Christmas Spirit, just when we are approaching the Holiday season.

Or Social Media telling you how you should feel bad for not giving all year round or a picture of starving children across the world.

People want to get into the spirit of giving and not just for themselves and here is why:

Because they feel good, they want everyone to feel good. We are reminded of what is important. And that makes us want to give.

Yes we should all give more, but don’t let anyone make you feel bad if you do it once a year. It’s better than not giving at all.

I suggest letting the chaotic controversial stuff go too. It seems the world that I read about is intent on causing all kinds of destruction and chaos, and now even more so as the enemy lines are a little muddled as to where they begin and where they end.

We can let the world events keep us from kindness and giving or we can work at making our immediate world with the people in it a better place. Remember, your circle expands into others. If you make your circle happy and share of something you want to give, it will spread into other circles, like the ripples of the water.

I have realized as time goes on that decisions made without my input don’t really affect me. I still live in my home. I still work at my job and the bills I  had yesterday, I will have tomorrow (hopefully less, but some thing you always need to pay).

I don’t live in big towns where  people won’t acknowledge your existence even if you were to fall down in front of them or even drop dead, thinking you are a crazy and them not wanting to get involved.

Country living is usually a simple living and kinda boring. Just the way I like it.  People here usually know what’s happening to you before you do, but would come over and help if you needed it at a moments notice and I’m glad to say that all my neighbors still wave to me whenever we see each other!

And if I don’t like how I’m being treated when I go out to the big towns, I have a choice of walking away.

With online shopping I can buy interesting and original gifts for my family and even send some to my family in the States. For people who don’t bother with me everyday, I don’t bother with them. I have stopped caring what it looks like if I don’t send a gift, related or not. And I have found that this also drops my stress levels of buying a gift for every single person I know.

I can get in the Christmas spirit and refuse to let anyone else ruin it. I can decorate my tree without someone making me feel bad for buying a real one because I will later cut it and use it as bonfire fodder in the spring to roast my marshmallows on and it will be useful once again. And I have plenty on my land that are replanted every year to make up for the one I take.


I can decorate my house without breaking the bank since I bought all my treasures from good will and re-use them every year.

I can buy my kids stuff without it becoming a commercial insane event, and still take care of doing a little something for others.

And if you can for a minute just sit and let the colored lights twinkle in your eyes and make you remember the magic of how you felt as a kid and then share that magic with the ones you love, you then have it all.

So have some eggnog, or hot chocolate. Enjoy a candy cane and your statue of Santa Claus! Wear those sweaters with a reindeer on them. Throw a snow ball, and let yourself be happy.

People in this world will always try to find a way to weigh you down. Don’t let them. Only you can make yourself feel awful and you have the right to say no and be happy regardless of what is being dictated to you by the news or social media.

So find your holiday cheer, and share away with what makes you feel good. Share your wealth, your food, your blankets and jackets. Share you cheer, your love, and your happiness. Share what you want to and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about it. Show what makes you happy and feel guilt free doing it. Ignore the negative and shine the positive. And let the next couple of months make you feel magical and happy. I will.


*All pictures posted are from previous years of decor. I have not started yet this year because my partner was operated on last weekend. Hopefully, I can share my happy decor in the coming weeks.




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