My Favorite Bacteria!

Isn’t it great that bacteria can be good for you. Well it is. I’m referring to yogurt of course.

Yogurt has some pretty awesome benefits. The bacteria in it helps with what is fast becoming a superstar in super market isles.

It’s getting well known for helping with gastrointestinal conditions, such as constipation, diarrhea, IBS and even known to help with dropping PH levels which can cause Candida and Infections.

It is also a rich source of Calcium which we all know is good for bones.

Having said that, it’s important to pick the right yogurt. There are many that have artificial sweeteners that I don’t subscribe too, in particular anything not made of natural sugar but made of chemicals. I won’t talk for stevia or other sweeteners because I don’t have them on my list of do nots.

If you were to eat anything in your yogourt, I would suggest natural sweeteners or sweetened with natural fruit is always healthier. I have taken a real shine to the greek yogurt that has been filling up the shelves.

For those avoiding dairy, there are alternatives such as soy yogurt or coconut milk yogurt.

And if you absolutely don’t like yogurt, don’t forget you can always take probiotic supplements.

I am not publishing any brand in particular since there are so many, but I have been told they are all not all equal.

More research can be done on the net to find the best one suited for you.

In any case, if you are have gastro issues…probiotic yogurts would be my first choice to a possible relief for your discomforts.


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