You Are What You Eat! – Grapes

It’s never been easier to research stuff nowadays. I took to the notion of researching the good food I am eating to see the value of my eating them. Ever hear you are what you eat!
Here’s what I found out about the beautiful green grapes I have been eating, never knew how beneficial they were. If you have been like me you have heard of a glass of wine a day is good for the heart, but I had never really done the research.
1. They are good for digestion, relieving constipation and indigestion.
2. Helps with Fatigue, helping balance your mineral and iron levels (I read this is for green grapes, red grapes probably not as much)
3. Can help lower blood cholesterol and who doesn’t need that! This must be the good for your heart thing.
4. They are powerful anti-oxidants helping reduce chances of cancers such as colon and prostate.
5. Also known as having anti-inflammatory properties.

Grapes are high in Vitamin C, A, K, B-Complex and have resveratrol that can be defined as a compound found to have antioxidant properties and also having anti-carcinogenic effects.
Pretty great stuff if you ask me. I’d give it a high review and suggest it to anyone as a weekly/daily recommendation.
It’s amazing how great you can suddenly feel after having a handful of grapes.
And the best thing that most places don’t even talk about is how sweet and delicious they are.
Want to help you digestion, your heart and lower inflammation. Have some grapes and have a better day!


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