Dealing With Chronic Pain!

I have tried to keep my blogs light and veer away from this topic, however it is the reality I face every day with confirmed Endometriosis, an non confirmed Herniated Lumbar and Fibromyalgia.People who suffer from chronic pain are made of good stuff, of stern stuff, trust me on this.

Every day is a surprise of whether or not you will be suffering from something or not and just how much pain you expect to be in.

For some of us, the pain is never really at the same place which can be good or bad, depending if you prefer pain in the same spot or the awesome surprise kick in the pants of a new spot.

Days that are completely pain free are days are usually spent in awe and then to get things in order in your home because you do not know how long the next bout will return or for how long, which usually leads to getting more pain because you over do it on that day. Seems you can never win.

When chronic non-life threatening illnesses begin, you generally think that you are dying of something. Usually because it won’t go away and the doctor can’t find anything wrong. As you go through a multitude of tests, it gets really clear that you are not dying since you’ve been around for 3 years and look the same, generally you are just grumpier and feel crazy that the pain you feel cannot be found. The docs usually finally find a few things that won’t kill you but will make your life miserable that has no cure.

Then they try to put you on drugs for it, which from what I’ve heard can be worse than the illness at times. Which usually leads people to try to manage their pain themselves. So in essence, you still hurt and not one thing helped, but at least you know you are not dying…right?

I have chosen and this is only my personal choice to refrain from any more guinea pig pills to see if anything works. Hoping that I can find the cure to my aches by researching my own body’s way of healing itself.

Here’s what I try to do that has a hit and miss but usually has some degree of success:

  1. Light stretching and exercise usually helps a lot. Don’t go Jane Fonda on your butt, just stretch out your neck, your back, your legs, and arms and even your sides. Even light exercise releases the feel good endorphin, and possibly helps work out the kinks.
  2. Rest as much as you can when you are unwell. Fatigue comes with a lot of these diseases and its your body’s way of telling you to heal up by resting up. Also you may have a hard time sleeping because of pain, so when you can rest, I suggest you do.
  3. Don’t give up. If you need to cry, go ahead. If you need to rest, do that too. If you need help, ask. But don’t give up on yourself. People love you and need you.
  4. Explore alternative methods of pain reduction. Study up on things, you might be surprised what you can find out or what you might stumble across that will give you relief. Example, a simple coconut oil and lavender essential oil rub can work wonders when you feel unwell and can be just the little thing you need to keep you going.
  5. Remember that tomorrow will usually be a better day and if not tomorrow, the day after.


I don’t have a magic wand because I would cure everyone suffering from pain. All I can tell you is that a good place to start would be with the food you eat and that most pain is related to inflammation of some sort. Your body is reacting to something that inflames it and causes you pain. What we put on our bodies including our skins like soaps, laundry detergent even sanitary pads can cause reactions. The food we ingest is also to be looked at closely. Missing vitamins and minerals can weaken our systems. There are days you will win and other days you will lose this battle.

Just remember to find your cocoon place and haven with loved ones when you need a break and be kind when you are at your worst.

Find uplifting people to surround yourself with because it’s important to keep your spirits high especially if your body is low.

Negativity has no place in your life. So try to find the positive. Having said that, my loved ones could tell you that I don’t always do this, cause there are some days that are just not going to be good regardless of what I do. Sleep usually stops me from lashing out too much at the ones I love.

My last suggestion is to stay busy. Keep yourself busy on those days that would be wasted away. For myself the routine of work keeps me going. Make your routine keep you going. Sometime that simple accomplishment of getting dressed and out the door can give you the confidence boost you need to know you’ve done something with your day.

And take one day at a time. Keep your chin up and smile.

3 thoughts on “Dealing With Chronic Pain!

  1. Okay, now I know that I am not crazy, and I am not alone. I wake up everyday with some type of pain. Thank you for the advice; I will definitely try them all .


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