A Few of My Favorite Things!

Switching gears today to share some of who I am and hopefully make you think of what you love as well.

Here are a few of my favorites. The stuff I love to do that makes me happy and the people in it it too!

  1. Finding a deal. Any deal. How to save money of mine and my husband hard earned dollars makes me super happy. I know if may sound cheap, but really it’s just knowing that how hard we work and the stuff we put up with does not leave us squandering every second we work for on something stupid like a $7 dollar coffee. When I think of how much time I have to work for that, I realize the importance of my time and my money. And when stuff is free I get positively euphoric.
  2. Writing as you can probably tell is something that I love doing. As my mind constantly works out stuff, I love putting my thoughts down.
  3. Putting order in Chaos. I know I know I should probably build a business that would help others do this and I probably would love it. I’m working on it.
  4. Cocooning in my house. This is a big one. I have the most awesome cocooning living room set and home in the country to do the cocooning in and I LOVE IT. The couch area is placed in a half moon. I love spending time with hubby here as we watch tiny homes on YouTube and dream of doing stuff and eventual freedom.
  5. A wine and cheese night with hubby. No other explanation needed there.
  6. My boys and I being in the same room and just laughing and kidding around. I love my boys, and when they make me laugh, I feel my “oh so serious” mind disengage and just take a break from it all. It’s their greatest gift to me.
  7. Spending time with good happy loving people. It’s so great to spend time with people who like and love you. And you know who you are!
  8. Building things or constructing stuff with hubby. Making plans to build and improve our space is always fun for us. We enjoy the process and the finished project.
  9. Counting down what I owe and seeing it go down is a great sense of inspiration and also makes me feel so much better. It’s almost like I can breathe easier every time I see that tally go down.
  10. Time off to do what I please. There is nothing better than having a day off to accomplish what you want to do with you time. I personally find it real relaxing!


Please keep in mind that these are not in order and I could have gone one.  And my time with my boys usually is the most important thing of all. I love Saturday morning breakfast with hubby at our favorite spot with great conversations. I love watching my boys cook and do laundry like it’s nothing and chat me up while they do it. A warm sun in the sky is always pleasant. The list is endless for me.

I invite you to find your favorite things, the stuff that makes you smile and write them down. So that when your weeks are trying or the world is in complete chaos, you can find your comfort and happy with your special moments with your favorite people and things to do. It’s important, even to simply to shift your focus back to what is important. And makes you very grateful.

The world will always find a way to send itself to hell. You can try to help, but sometimes you need to regroup and realize how grateful and lucky you are for what you have, and also realize that you created this world for yourself and all the good things in it.

Maybe changing the world does really start with changing your own life first, because if all we can do is this, we can probably all live in a much better world.

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