How to Save Money with Your Wardrobe!

In our attempts to save money, we have started using manual washer and spinner dryer to save on hydro cost.
With that came the realization that as human beings we own way too much clothing for one simple person.
I was guilty of this and since doing laundry has become very manual and the loads done need to be smaller in size, I have realized what I really need in my life in terms of clothing and what can be discarded.
I’m working 5 days a week and thought for the longest time that I needed 30 thousand variations to make sure I did not run out of outfits.
The thing is, there are good tricks to do for this that doesn’t require you to have tons of clothes for work.
If you want to be a fashion plate then this article is not for you. For those of us trying to save money, I will share some of what I have learnt about making outfits fun without needing a new one everyday of the month.
1. The standard black pants and black dress.skirt is the essential piece of clothing here for the simple reason that it can be worn over and over again and mixed and matched with different tops and accessories.

2. Cheap bling as in necklaces, earring, hair accessories, bracelets and scarves can often make a simple outfit look different.

3. Concentrate on your hairstyle. Now this is easier to do with longer hair, but even with short hair you can get creative. It’s cheaper to got from curly to flat to up than buying new clothes.

4. Change up your makeup every now and then. Again, It’s cheaper to change your color palette that is probably already available with the other colors than buying a new outfit.

5. Try to keep the tops wash and wear, and with colors that mix and match well with other things.

6. Buy good quality clothes, you’ll get your money’s worth when they last you years instead of months.

7. Try to get shoes that will also go with many different things and comfortable to you.

8. If you want to save even more and you work in an office where the temperature is pretty much the same every day of the year. Buy clothes that are all season. 3/4 length sleeves are a good example, good at any time of year.

9. If you buy something new, make sure to get rid of something old. That way you are always keeping your hoard to a minimum.

10. And last but not least, always think comfort and useful when trying on anything in the stores. Its great look good, but if you can only wear it sometimes and it’s not the most comfortable, you may want to consider if the money you will spend on it is worth it.

I’m well on my way to getting rid of a lot of stuff that had been hanging there collecting dust and that I simply did not wear. The great motivator of course was the fact that I had to wash these now and my time is precious. It’s the best thing that could have happened since I now realize just how little I truly needed to survive. Even when it came time for nights out.

Why don’t you try it. For women, take the little black dress and jazz it up. See how many different looks you can make with it.

For guys, try the same. With Jacket, without, with tie etc… sleeves up, sleeves down. Spike the hair.  Hey it can be done with anyone.

And remember if you feel great inside, you’ll look great regardless of what you wear.

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