Are you the Problem or Solution?

Having been part of Facebook for quite a few years now, I have come to realize that some like to post every opinion they have on everything. Which is ok, everyone is entitled. Problem is, some take it an extreme that reading their crap every day can actually cause you to get depressed. They focus solely on all that is wrong and repeat it every day that you start feeling low along with them.

I understand that there might be lots in this world that just doesn’t suit you and an occasional, hey this ain’t right is human nature.

Here are a few examples of the types of people who can suck the life right out of you:

  1. I hate everyone that is not me type, or everything is not fair or against me, etc… Example: I hate gays, I hate the government, and I hate people who are not my religion. You get it, I hate, I hate, I hate. Let’s stick an apple in their mouths and roast them over hot coals every day of the year.
  1. Religious quotes from books that are used to berate or point out how someone is wrong. OH my, this is a huge problem with me. Not everyone likes to be judged by a book written thousands of years ago. I’m talking about any religion here.

3.  Posts that cause constant controversy.

Example: the recent one about “I will say Merry Christmas and screw Happy Holidays.” Look…in all my life, all 45 years of them. NOT one person of any race has ever said to me; don’t say Merry Christmas to me. Not one. And if anyone ever did, I would tell them to get a life because they need one to be worried about the political accuracy of someone wishing them well in any manner. But by the posts going around, it would appear that it’s a huge problem. It’s not. Businesses may want to say happy holidays to keep it on an even keel for everyone, because they are a business, but I have never seen anyone stop people from saying Merry Christmas and obviously the holiday is still being observed because we still all get it off every year. This is propagated and then gets spread on social media, every year. Maybe they are afraid someone will cancel holidays or something but round and round we go at this time of year. And this goes for a lot of post I see, not just this one. One person (who we will never know) starts a post about something and the masses grab it and propagate it. Let it go. If you’ve had no problems, just let it be.

  1. The poor me, there is something wrong and I will write a cryptic one sentence thing that says nothing and then not explain myself to anyone. OH I CAN’T STAND THESE PEOPLE.

Example: “This is just not fair!” So now everyone is prompted to ask “what’s wrong?” Sometimes you get an answer and sometimes you don’t. If you want attention that bad, ask for it but stop wasting everyone’s time.

  1. People who vent about personal matters, even naming names. That should be cute in 10 to 15 years if you put your kids name there and they ever decide to look that up and find it. Should make them feel real loved. Everyone gets frustrated, doesn’t mean you have to advertise every intense negative emotion you have. Picking up the phone to vent to a friend or mom/dad/aunt/cousin (you get it) is still a better option and you can probably avoid a life time of hurt for a moment’s frustration.

What do I do for all these? I get rid of them. If I can’t get rid of them, I simply unfollow them and then I don’t get disturbed by them. Social Medias are supposed to be fun; however, if a massive collective bunch decides they want to stand on their platforms and be negative, you can find yourself scrolling through posts after posts of negative propaganda and feelings  that just makes you feel sad or angry, and who needs that.

Solution? Find enlightened groups and add those people. People who will use spirituality, prayer and good thoughts to help you and you can do the same for them. Not use their beliefs to keep others down.

Find funny people. They usually posts stuff to make you smile and laugh and who doesn’t need that in their day.

Post positive things and let go of the crap that goes through. Don’t let the crap get to you either, most of it doesn’t even matter.

Find people who can tolerate many points of view. We don’t all agree with everything and that’s what makes us special, but it’s important to pick your battles. Some stuff can just be put off as agree to disagree and just let it be.

Find like-minded people and don’t try to change the negative ones. Most likely they will have to do that for themselves. Wish them well, move on and find your own peace.

My last note is to say that I simply adore the groups I am part of now. Most of them have titles such as Namaste and In the Light etc… All posting about such wonderful uplifting things and that feels great.

My dad always told me, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” If you surround yourself with negative, you will be that negative. If you surround yourself with positive and light, you will be positive and light. I’d rather be that last one.

I’ve heard and seen a lot of post of people who say, I can’t stand all the negative. I’m getting off Facebook. You can do that, but there is no need. Just find your positive crowd, your funny crowd, you knitting crowd even, keep your sanity and enjoy!

Have a great day! Stay happy!

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