Focus your Energies Where They Need To Be!

You spend most of your life at work, if you are part of the working world. I would confidently say that 50% of people are not happy or at least not satisfied with the status of their work place or the people they work for or with, and I’m probably being conservative in my numbers. They either feel like they are being used without appreciation or they feel repressed somehow by people or bosses around them.
Unfortunately, I would love to say that it will be all be fixed within a couple of years, but just as everything else that requires vast amounts of change in the way we think of things, I don’t foresee a huge change in how employers function.
The bottom line of their lives is not their employees, but their bottom line (as in money).
They toy with the idea of employee satisfaction, but like all campaign promises from politicians, tend to fall way short of the acceptable line.
With a society who only cares for their own needs, it does not help when it comes to the chain of command especially when run by selfish individuals.
So how do you help yourself when you are feeling like a number or unheard and unappreciated? Well I would not say to do your job badly, but instead tell you to focus on what is important in your life.
If you keep bringing innovative ideas that help the company and the boss line his pockets however, you are not compensated or even rewarded. Why would you take all your energy and time to come up with these on purpose? I’m not saying that you should never offer up something good, however, why would you spend all your time going over and beyond to only be ignored and passed over.
We all need to work and make money. If you can do things to make that easier and less time consuming to help yourself. Go for it. Beyond that, it’s not a crime to do your job in a good way, but to save your energy for something that will help you and your spirit.
The day I realized just where my place was is the day someone in the company died and out of about 150 people, 3 people went to that funeral. Oh they all talked about it when he died, but nobody bothered, not even the CEO of the company bothered to show up at the funeral. The flower arrangement showed up and that was it. His immediate boss and two others, but that was it.
I started wondering who would show up to my funeral. I think the guy I work with probably would. Not all day mind you and it would be mostly because I think he would do it so it would not look bad for him.
So what does this mean to me? It means that I need to concentrate on the people who would feel in their hearts that they needed to say farewell. The ones that I sacrifice all my time to go to work for someone else who is getting rich off of me, but does not really care for me.
It may sound bitter, however, let me explain that there is no bitterness here. Just awareness of what is. The reality of it as I see it. Have you ever wondered who would care if you never showed back up at work?
This is why my husband and I are working towards not having to slave out our time to someone else and live simpler, but richer lives so we can spend time with the people who we love the most. Who share the same feelings. Who will be saddened when we can’t be in their lives and space when we go.
I used to be very high efficiency at work. Letting things or problems with the company bother me as if I was the CEO. They would make decisions I disagreed with over my head and then I would try to fight it to help them see a better way, usually to be ignored and then overruled anyway. So instead of trying to be an overachiever, I now let them make their decisions and follow them. When they fall on their face, I simply let it be. I don’t even care anymore. Why should I?
Why would I put all my energy into something and someone who cares zero of what happens in my life?
All this to say.

You don’t have to be inadequate; just don’t burn yourself out of energy for things that don’t matter. Do your job well but save your energy for what really matters.
And that should be to do what you really want with your life, such as, courses to your next career path. Being your own boss. Finding financial freedom.
Keep your energy for your life, and make yours becomes richer in whatever that means to you.
We can all hope that one day, our bosses will be nice human beings who truly care for our well-being and come to realize that people are their biggest assets to success. But until then, keep yourself happy. Replenish your energy for you. Don’t give your life for someone or something that is not reciprocating the wonderful energy you are giving them.
You are willing to walk away from people who treat you unkindly, but as we all know, walking away from a paycheck is something else entirely. We need money to live and not all of us can afford the high cost of education and not all of us want to do that either. The course manual at the university is not always a perfect fit or immediate aha moment. It’s not always clear cut what we want to do with our time every day, but what is clear cut is that we need money to survive. How much will always depend on what you need to live, and no matter how little you need, you still need some.
So if you find yourself in a job that depresses you, there are some things you can do to help.
You can quit this job and find a different one or you can make your life somewhere you can tolerate until you can change your situation.
So be kind to yourself, do you work and don’t complicate things for the sake of your internal sense of how you would do it if it was your company.
It’s not, you work for someone else. If you don’t get recognition or acknowledgment, but have steady work, then it means you are doing your job to the capacity they are expecting you to. Just relax. Do your job and find your happiness elsewhere for now. Plan your bright future away from there, sticking to you plans, and separate this world from the one that matters. Motivate yourself in parts of your life that will matter to you.
Keep calm always. Giving away anger shortens your life and it will most likely be the part that you don’t want shortened. So let it go or better yet, just don’t let it affect you.
Always always ask the question? Will this decision affect my work right now? If it does not, then forget it. Don’t give it a second thought.
Do not do overtime for nothing. NEVER DO THIS. Your time is worth something, especially working for someone else. Do not give it away for free.
Take your holidays. When you are away from work is usually when you realize that life is worth living and it also provides a great energy boost.
Take time off when you are unwell. I know you probably think the whole place will fall apart, but it’s important that you don’t take more time taxing your system when it needs rest to heal.
Involve yourself in more creative things. Don’t just sit and rot where you are. Write. Paint. Play. And most importantly, Dream!
Get through your work days and make it worth your energy. We have this finite amount of time on the earth so plan smart and live happy!

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  1. Great advice! So many people are unhappy with their jobs, but sometimes a change of attitude is all that’s needed.


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