Hedy Lamarr: The Beautiful Smart Brunette!

Like some many women of her time Hedy Lamarr was mostly seen as a sex symbol, and pretty much all but forgotten by the time she died at 86 years old in Florida in the beginning of 2000. I write this in her memory so that we can remember her strength as a woman and her brilliant mind as an inventor and problem solver.

Performing the first sex scene on film in 1933’s Ekstase, a Czech film. It was banned as pornographic. Mild by today’s standards, as I watched it I find it refreshingly sensual and simple yet effective.

Later on, as the inventor of WIFI, we have to thank her for her brilliant invention that made interception of radio signals by the enemy difficult called frequency hopping (only used in the 1960’s because it was disregarded and shelved, but then became what we call WIFI today) . And yes… all done by this gorgeous brunette!
So my hats off to you Hedy Lamarr for your wonderful contribution, it was not given the the proper respect because your beauty and gender got in the way at the time, but we now know of your incredible talent and intelligence.It’s unfortunate that this recognition could not be given to you when you were still living, however, I wanted today to make my own contribution to your incredible gift to all of us and to help immortalize it as another strong woman to another.

Thank you so much. What a fabulous human being!

Here’s a short film depicting all that she has done in her life. Of course if you want know more, you know what to do!

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