Labels – Let the Insanity Stop!

This subject has never made any sense to me whatsoever. And it may not sit well with everyone else what I am about to say, but you know, I think it’s time this planet grew up. Well at least the human beings on it, because we surely need to.

All my life I’ve heard of shaming groups of people based on their color, their race, their body size or physical traits. In my situation I am considered a full figured lady, but according to full figured pictures I must be something else because I passed what the pictures look like quite a few years back.

And then I’ve seen the other side of it, like where we shame people for not being fat. We have stores especially for fat people. Let’s label them full figured because it sounds better, and charge 3 X more to sell them, probably because they need more material to make them, right? Let’s make sure we exclude people under size 12 because they have excluded us for so many years. I’m tired of the “you are wrong and I am right” syndrome.

I have (as a younger woman) always limited my thoughts on the fact that I could never be a singer (my childhood dream) because I did not fill the non-fat mold (this was in the 1980’s). That even when I had dreams I would stop myself because I did not fit the mold. I would have to be taller, skinnier, and prettier to do what I wanted. To be treated with respect. I figured I would have to settle for just any guy who wanted me because I was not as pretty or skinny as some of my counterparts. The saddest part of that was by lowering my own value which then limited my space and resources by setting up mental barriers that became real. I have since changed my way of thinking and shut off those negative reinforcements whenever I get the chance.

I don’t care much about my physical weight now, to tell you the truth. I am more concerned about my physical health any day much more then what dude or the media thinks of me. There is a very good reason for that. I have a fabulous husband (who even with my own sabotaging) lusted and still lusts after me whether I was a size 14 or 24. After kids and life, he still looks at me like a man looks at a 5 course dinner after being starved for a week.

I have questioned his sanity over the years (because of my own insecurities fed by society and media), for him to basically tell me that he has always found me sexy and did not find he needed to explain why. He wanted me, plain and simple. He would then pat my butt, cop a feel, give me a breathtaking kiss and move on a happy camper. Thank God for that man. I never felt sub-standard or never suffered from derogatory comments about my weight from him even in arguments. It’s like it does not exist for him. It’s always been a non-issue.

And this is the topic of my subject today. Why do we have to make being a bigger person stand out to everyone? Why do others feel they have to make us so ugly with comments about our size?

The #1 point I am trying to make is this. Drop the labels. Drop the tags. Drop the categories. And I am talking to mostly news makers (also known as hate spreaders) and anyone who makes money spreading nastiness in this world or segregating us. They are the number #1 reason some of the people on the planet stay in the dark ages. They feed the hatred of people and then let the less enlightened ones spread it across the world to then make money off of it.

I want to let you know that I know what you are doing as most of us do. You may claim freedom of speech, and feel you got away with it, but I promise you that karma won’t care when you get what you deserve for being so nasty.

Can we just be human beings? Can we just be a non-issue? Why do we have to be only our race, our differences etc. Can we just be who we are without having labels and tags attached to us? Do we need to be singled out for every little thing? Why do we need a “this only” and “that only”? Can we not just have everything for everyone? Why do the clothes that fit me have to be in a different part of the store instead of on the same rack as the other clothes. From size 0 to 28 with a sign that says “Clothes” not “plus” “petite” “regular” etc.

Why are the nicer shirts with the beautiful colors always on the regular size racks and moo moos with humongous flowers on the plus size racks. Can you not work it that we could have something similar in all different sizes, so everyone can enjoy it. Hear what I said. EVERYONE.

I saw a thing about Pierce Brosnan and his wife just today. Why does he have to defend loving her? Why is this even a topic or issue? Why do the ads I have seen on the side of webpages for months have to denigrate her because of her size, calling her ugly? Why do we have to make people defend their choices when it comes to differences?

For this reason I am going to make this important contribution for my space and planet.

I have decided as of today that I no longer support anyone who will make me stand out for my weight or anything else, either good or bad. I promise to not even acknowledge any group that splits people into categories. We don’t need an only fat group or any group that segregates us as separate entities. We live on the same planet. We are all human beings on a beautiful planet with a diversity of everything. Just look around and you will see that is the truth.

Take a note from the planet and notice how one tree does not hate another for being different. It shares the same soil and bloom their different flowers and offers their own beauty in their own way. They don’t care about names or descriptions. They thrive on what they need. Animals do the same. They know no discrimination. They don’t hate another animal for their colors or their size. This doesn’t exist.

If you are attracted to someone and then fall in love with them, why do you have to justify why when it comes to their physical characteristics?

I believe it’s high time that we just stop listening to the media that hates and the generations that teach that different is bad.

And don’t you think we should be allowed to love, live and be friends with who we want regardless of what anyone else thinks? I think I’ve always done that. I just wish the rest of the world would stop listening to what everyone else thinks and just make up their own minds, and most important to stop acknowledging the differences when it is mentioned. There is no need. We are all just mere human beings living on a tiny planet in this universe.

If I had a wish, this would be the best one I could come up with! What do you think? Imagine how wonderful life would be if you didn’t have put yourself in a category and just shine for who you are. No lines drawn, no categories, no tags and no labels.

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