Feel Good Photography Wednesday!

I’ve been an amateur photographer for as long as I can remember. Seeing shots with my eyes that I knew would be magic once captured with a camera. As you can probably tell, I prefer nature to people shots, but I’m always evolving so you never know where my journey will take me with this.

I have recently started adding my positive thoughts to these, hoping to bring a ray of positive in someone else’s day and ultimately making my day better by my offerings.

This is a collage of them so far. Feel free to copy and paste and share if you like these and by all means, don’t be shy if you want to share this blog!

I have attached a location to these. I love them all so much. So glad I can finally share them instead of the just storing them on a disk drive!

Have a fabulous Wednesday!

This one was taken on our way to our anniversary dinner this year!

It’s in Rockland, Ontario, The Ottawa River – October 2015

AddTextToPhoto(18-10-2015 1-2-5)~2

This one was taken in Bourget, Ontario. October 2015. Rainy evening with a break in the clouds.

AddTextToPhoto(20-10-2015 6-59-39)~2

Bourget, Ontario – October 2015 – Across the road where I work – Beautiful Fall Day!

AddTextToPhoto(21-10-2015 9-5-11)

Curran, Ontario – My Home – Front Yard – October 2015

AddTextToPhoto(22-10-2015 2-59-57)-1

Curran, Ontario – My Home – Front Yard (Same tree as previous picture) – October 2015

AddTextToPhoto(23-10-2015 4-47-36)

Yep Same Tree – Same Day – Curran, Ontario – October 2015


Curran, Ontario – October 2015 – My front Porch with my newly acquired pumpkins from Bourget store!

AddTextToPhoto(24-10-2015 11-1-22)

Bourget Ontario – Local Store – (yep that’s where I got my pumpkins!) – October 2015

AddTextToPhoto(28-10-2015 4-52-41)

August 2015 – My front porch (if you look at the pumpkin one, the solar light is hanging on the green tree you see there, just above it) – Curran, Ontario

AddTextToPhoto(27-10-2015 11-49-11)

Curran, Ontario – Summer 2010- Where? The Yard right beside ours. Actually, that tree is the one you see in all my autumn shots. He has an old shed that in itself is a beautiful shot. I remember getting lots of rainbows that summer, even some double ones, usually at the same spot! He must have a pot of gold hiding in there!

AddTextToPhoto(26-10-2015 3-55-17)~2

Curran, Ontario – October 2015 – My Bathroom! Soak Time is a very good time for me!


The picture at the top of this post was taken end of September 2015. These beautiful trees are located at the entrance of my home. Curran, Ontario. The nature around my beautiful country home always provides me with a great sense of peace. And provides me with a great change of scenery with every new season.

For this I am so very grateful!

Hope you enjoy these and all that come after these!

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