Keeping Busy!

Keeping busy with something every day is so important.

But keeping busy at just anything is not really the greatest, especially if it’s with negative things. If you keep busy annoying everyone, then I must say that is not the greatest of goals. However, if you are keeping busy regardless with what you are doing with things and people that are stimulating to you, that keep your mind exercising in thought, then you are doing just fine.

Being too busy or not busy enough can also be bad for you.

If you are too busy, you may get a feeling of being overwhelmed. You may not know what to do first. You may think the mountain is too high, causing yourself anxiety, high blood pressure and physical problems in the long run you simply don’t want. Most of the time, you build you own mountain. So my biggest trick to this one is take one thing at a time and be grateful when you finish that one thing. Literally tell yourself that you have this one task to complete and then complete it. Once done, regroup and then assign yourself the next task. Do only what you can do. If you can’t do something alone, get help.

Take a breather even when you are at the busiest. Your mental sanity moment is very important to your health. Take a moment to go outside to a quiet spot that can help you regain your focus and see things in a different light.

Not busy enough can bring on feelings of boredom and just listlessness that can bring on depression. I would say this is for people who no longer work or no longer need to work.

Find things to do. There is not lack of information on free courses online, or in an area near you. Groups of people that get together can give you something to look forward too. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to return. But build yourself a calendar. Try to keep waking up at the same time every day. Make yourself a routine you can easily keep. Help others if you can and you have the time to do it. Helping others and being kind releases the good endorphins. Finish off projects that were put away because of lack of time because you were working so much. Do a little every day until completion.

It’s important to be busy in your life and find yourself doing stuff to keep it going, because being too much of one or the other can lead to anxiety and depression, or anger and disappointment.

Remember to be good to yourself and don’t get scared if you find you are suddenly too much of one or the other, remember not to make it worse in your mind than it needs to be. Just pull yourself away from both situations and come up with a new plan.

Sometimes we are our worst enemies when it comes to these things. We just need to look at things from a different point of view and a fresh mind and make it better to fit our needs and keep our path to being fulfilled and happy. Re-adjusting is just a simple part of life.

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