Good Intentions!

I have done a lot in the last few months to get to a path of happy. Trying hard to heal my mind and body together so I can enjoy a nice and peaceful future.I am happy to report that things are improving and that every day I try to be positive.
I am surrounding myself with positive influences as much as possible and it feels great to wake up to positive reinforcements every day that fills your life and thoughts. It sure gets you going in the right directions. I never knew so many positive people existed out there.
Having said that, I have to say that in my journey of self, I am trying to get messages out there that don’t annoy the hell out of people. What I a mean is, I am not trying to preach to anyone, convert them to anything, criticize their choices. I want to spread good messages that are helping me and ultimately uplift others in some way hopefully.

It’s a share of my thoughts, pretty much like this blog, that infinite source of all I think of all day long, and there is usually a vast amount of stuff going through my mind, I’m surprised I sleep so well, but I do believe I have an automatic shut off valve when my head hits the pillow.
I think that sometimes people including myself, mean well, but then we end up preaching to others, suddenly it sounds like you are telling them how to live their lives when all you wanted to do is help.
As a personal message to anyone listening, please know that the personal affirmations I post or stories I write, most of them are from my own personal journey. Things I think helped me get where I want to go. Personal affirmations that inspire me to be happier.
I don’t judge anyone else’s journey, especially if your journey is a positive one (negative people I try to distance myself in case I might get caught in their undercurrent).
It’s not a contest, it’s not about who is smartest. It’s about improving your life so you can be happy. Because when you are happy, everyone around you benefits from it. Your kids, spouse, shopkeeper, other drivers on the road, co-workers, even the cashier you smile at and tell with a real meaning that you wish her/him “a good day”. Everyone gets to enjoy your good mood and your happiness.
And if you wake up every day with the intention on trying to be that person, you have already accomplished a lot, because your intentions are good. Even if you can only do it for an hour or half a day, it’s an accomplishment. Don’t give up and don’t let anyone dictate how you make that journey.

Take the advice you want and let go of the rest. You don’t have to follow anyone else’s journey but your own. Do what feels right to you. You will know because you will feel good about it.
Some are at different places in their journey and it may be right for them, but you are not there yet or even might not want to be where they are at. That is OK too. Take your time.
And for people like me who have good intentions, it’s important to realize that sometimes, the best thing you can do is say nothing at all. You may not agree with someone’s path, but does not mean that you have to give your opinion on how you think they should be living. If someone asks, then its OK, but if no one asked to be saved. Maybe you should just let it be and let them find their own way. Wise words and wise people are usually the ones who keep it simple or let others figure it out for themselves without intervention.
Don’t let your good intentions make you a dictator. We have enough of those.
And may your personal path bring you all you dream of!

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