Working my Way to Being a Minimalist!

On the eve of having no more credit card debt (I just made the last payment on my visa that will bring it to 0), I have noticed that in the last 5 months I have been steadily making changes to free myself from material debt and material things.I shop less, and when I do buy, I buy things that are greatly priced or get them for free. I buy things that will save me money in the long run and it’s starting to show.
The clutter in my home that is always present sometimes does not disappear into another room anymore. Sometimes it ends up in a box and at the goodwill. About half the time actually and the question I ask is; do I really need this?
The number one lesson I am learning, is that I don’t miss ONE SINGLE THING I have given away so far.
I am enjoying certain spaces having more room and although I am far from finished. I am enjoying the freedom of not being tied down trying to find time and space for cleaning and rearranging a million things I pay little attention to, except to move them around.
I am finding my time better spent daydreaming, working towards my goal of freedom from money, finding more time to spend with good friends, building new social positive circles on Facebook which thankfully I found (as and ye shall receive…what a great bunch of people) and doing more physical outings that put me out there with other people.
I have gotten rid of half my clothing and now plan to get rid of half of that since I still own way too much that sits there taking room and collecting dust for absolutely no reason. I realized that I actually wear very little of the clothes I actually own. I have my favorites that I wear over and over again while the rest get little to no wear.
Our hydro bill for last month dropped from 150 to 135 shaving off another 15 dollars from our bill by cooking on our propane BBQ and doing less laundry because we are smarter about not being wasteful and using a towel only once, getting rid of more clothes, minimalizing our consumption of space and water and energy.
My family has embraced this new lifestyle with a passion I did not think they would. They understand the importance of our journey and want to see us succeed. That is a bonus.
I feel so much better not living beyond my means anymore. Not buying before I earn. It’s catch up time and hopefully we can keep it up.
We will celebrate this weekend with a favorite bottle of vino and some cheese with an evening of great conversation and a grateful heart.
I’m very happy right now feeling like a shackle has broken loose. Since I am an adult I don’t think I’ve ever had a zero balance credit card. Not bad…It only took me 25 odd years to get here!
As they say, better late than never!


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