Getting Into the Practice of Gratitude!

I know quite a few years back a popular grateful journal was promoted by some high standing celebrities. Here is why a Gratitude Journal is a good thing regardless of whether or not you keep it up.
When you start to write down every day what you are grateful for, after a few weeks you are shifting your mind to find the good in every day.
You go out of your way to tell yourself that your cup of java this morning was oh so good. That the kiss your husband gave you last night that lingered a little longer was oh so delicious. That the fact that your son made some supper before he went to work for the family was such a thoughtful and nice thing to do for the rest of the family.
You start to stop at those things and really take them in, instead of just passing them by, because these are the things that matter.
Then you have to go on and pass those wonderful feelings on, and you will. It will start to spill out in your social network, your family, and your communications.
I don’t always write my grateful things but I do see them and enjoy them much more. Since I am always looking for these wonderful things and actually search them out, I am less tempted to dwell on the annoying stuff and bad stuff. Not that it doesn’t happen, but maybe I dwell on them less wanting to get back to that sense of grateful.
So what are the benefits of a grateful journal? I would say, it gets you started on your path of a state of mind where you feel grateful every single day and that is better than any gift you can give yourself in this world.
If you can find a way to feel happy and grateful every day for something, you are already ahead of the game.
So go get yourself a pretty little journal at the Dollar Tree or Dollarama and start physically putting your intention of grateful on paper. Your first entry can be…I am grateful for this grateful journal! And go from there.
You can put in as many or as few as you like. I would suggest 3 to 5 things a day to start, because it gets you practicing finding these.
And don’t cop out by putting down safe things. Example: I am grateful for my kids… yeah sure…everyone is, but try to go deeper so that it’s not just a quick grateful thing to write on the paper to get it done an over with. Try to think of why you are grateful for them. What do they make you feel? Was it the joke that they said last night that had you in tears. The hug they gave you because you were blue. Let that wonderful feeling come through by thinking of the specifics. Only when you put your heart into it does the intention of grateful work.
You will start to realize that every time you feel grateful for something, you will hold on to that feeling for a while and then longer and then then suddenly you will spend most of your day feeling grateful. And I don’t need to tell you the benefits of that. Who doesn’t want to feel gratitude and happiness all day long?
Give it a shot. All you have to lose is less space in your heart for sadness and anger. I think it’s well worth the energy to start!


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