Are you Out of Sorts? Have you Rested Enough?

Sleep or rather a lack of it contributes greatly to moods. Listless or bad moods can come on much more if you find yourself tired.

Fought a cold recently and it’s taken up your energy reserves. Sleep can help you with that.

Sleep is a wonderful antidote to weepy feelings, angry feelings, frustration etc…

So just take a nap and you should be good. Well it may not be as simple as that.

Sleep routines are very important when it comes to this, so going to bed a little earlier would probably be favorable to taking a nap if you are not used to it.

A nap out of the ordinary may throw you off your regular sleep pattern that suddenly at night, you are looking at the ceiling when you should be sleeping all because you took a nap.

Of course I am not talking about sleeping when you are sick. Rest in sickness is usually the best thing you can give your body to heal.

Having problems sleeping? There are some things you can do to get ready for sleep. Don’t do any exercise before you go to bed. The extra energy you use will serve to make you feel more awake. A nice hot shower or bath is always good to relax your body into going to rest.

Get your routine in place that you do the same thing every night i.e. brush your teeth, get into your sleep clothes (if you wear any) so that your mind gets ready for sleep.

You can also listen to relaxing music, I can usually find meditative or relaxing music on YouTube to listen to that helps with relaxing my brain and stopping it from thinking of everything.

The Honest Guys are a favorite of mine. Here is a sample.

Having all kinds of thoughts going through your brain; a mantra or repetitive tune can shut that off.

There are natural products that help for sleep but you must know what you are doing. Please seek proper information on this.

If you suffer from medical conditions such as depression, sleeping or over sleeping may be a problem and then you must seek medical help to treat the situation and not the symptom of lack of sleep that comes with depression.

Same goes for many medical conditions that can disrupt sleep such as menopause, iron deficiency, manic-depressive, sleep apnea etc… I know I am missing a whole lot but this is basically to mention that there are other reasons why your sleep may be getting disturbed.

If you have had one of those days that just is taking it out of you and you are standing sleeping. Suffered heart ache or heart break. Sometimes a nap is needed to help the mind recuperate and save you from your thoughts and your aches.

Rest is really the way to go if you need to feel better. That’s why the saying, “everything will be much better tomorrow” or “just sleep on it”. Because the wise knows that rest is the best cure.

Try to get an average of 7 to 8 hours of good sleep a night. If you are older it may be less, or younger it may be more. You can look at studies for this, but generally, your body will know what feels right to you.

So make sure your resting place is comfortable, clean and inviting and before you fall asleep, say this.

“This rest will be my best. When I wake I will feel great.” ~ J.L. Bishop. J

It’s usually the truth!


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