Update on The Paper Pucks!

Just wanted to update about the paper pucks we have been making during the summer months to heat our home.

We have a wood stove that eats lots of wood in the winter and had seen different people on YouTube making paper pucks made of old recycled newspaper and some sawdust  (anything bio that could be used such as leaves etc in the mix).

We made our strictly out of old newspaper and water, and our first little log took only 10 minutes to burn, but the at the beginning we had a little square log maker that made logs that had next to no density, so the test was not really accurate.

We were finally able to use some of the ones made with our homemade log maker this weekend and were quite impressed with it. It basically burned from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. When we added some there was always a tin biscuit of a log left.

In all we are quite impressed with our little paper pucks. They glow bright red and just sizzle in the stove.


Here’s our original video about these little pucks. We didn’t know how they would fair, but they are pretty good. The trick is having a nice wood base for them, Don’t try to burn them alone, it will not heat up a lot if you have a regular to big size stove. My partner believes that these would perform even better in a smaller stove. I guess we will have to try these out when we get our small wood stove in our camper once it’s completed. But for now we are really impressed with the results and thought we would share! Paper Pucks, success! At least 30 minutes of free recycled paper heat! Doesn’t get any better than that! As we burn them, we’ll let you know if we find any new tricks to get them going even better and post them either on here or on our channel!

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