Let the Light Into Your Life!

It’s easy to hole up somewhere, especially this time of year. When slippers, heat and beds (couches) are calling to you and you know, I won’t let anyone take that away from me.Just be careful of the isolation it represents. Make sure to let the light in sometimes. If the sun beams come out, make sure to go outside or in a window to find them.

If someone asks you out and you can. Make sure to try to get out there so you can have some fun.

This is when your circle becomes super important. The isolation of winter can make us want to cocoon and not move. I know, every day that goes lower in temperature makes me want to do this, but I am slowly filling my social calendar as I mentioned I was going to do in a previous post, in efforts to try to keep myself out there at least for one event per week.

Nothing too expensive to get myself into debt, but just enough to get me out of the house. Example, there is a Rock and Roll night at a nearby hall that I am going to try real hard to attend. It’s 20 dollars and for that you get 3 bands and a different artist every 30 minutes. It should fun and why not. It will get me out there as opposed to just sitting still.

You have to remember that other people will be looking for the light too. They also have a long winter ahead and maybe if you share some of yourself; it will bring a little bit of sanity and light into your days.

Let. The. Light. In.


I repeat this to myself a lot these days. It’s a constant reminder that it’s there, even if the physical representation of it is not apparent outside the window, and all I have to do is remember that all seasons are beautiful and that we all shine radiantly from the inside all year round regardless of the time of year it is.

So find your happy thoughts, and happy friends and be the sunshine from November to April and Let.The. Light. In.

Have a great weekend!

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