Enjoy Your Journey To Your Destination!

We all have huge plans in our lives. Things we want to accomplish and how to get there. Sometimes we focus so hard on where we are trying to go, we miss out on all that surrounds us.
The picture here is of the field next door to where I work and every day I have turned on this road for the better part of 6 years. That is every week day.
Yet this picture marks the first time I ever looked at that field two days ago.

I am always concentrating on getting on that road and avoiding cars so I can get home, which is important. But as a long line of traffic was coming and I had to sit there anyways, I let my gaze look in front of me for a second as I breathed in deeply. I do this when I feel myself get stuck too hard on things or feeling rushed and was awestruck at the beauty of it all.

The blue sky, the white clouds, the gorgeous harvest fields.
It looked completely foreign to me and I go by this every evening.
It struck me then just how much of a rush we all are to get to our destinations and I think that sometimes we miss the beauty of the things that surrounds us, silently waiting for us to see with eyes that are far too blind to see what’s important.
I know if you have a family and house and work and parents etc… it’s not always easy to stop and look around. We are as humans the busiest we have ever been, even when we do less physically.
This is also a very different world we live in. Our technology and evolution demands we keep up.
I have started to believe that maybe just maybe, we should let technology speed up while we try to slow down.
And while we learn how to appreciate the moments instead of rushing through them, maybe we can learn to look around once in a while and marvel at how beautiful it all really is.
No need to worry. If you intend on getting there, you will! Take the time to look around, you might discover the most beautiful stuff when you do!


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