How To Help Beat the Winter Blahs!

As we northerners feel the cold days and nights creeping up on us, it’s time to get settled in for heating bills, the start of the cold season and the never ending wait to get back in our pools in the summer.As I look around me and hear people, I can see that the winter is already going to be long. That familiar going into the dark days of winter as some do ok until Christmas, but some start going downhill in October, just before the snow flies.


  1. Well, it’s combination of not wanting to freeze when you go outside and the wind seems to go through the bones.

One the things that can help with that is layering and dressing warmly. Don’t forget your head and hands and even feet. Check the weather and dress for it. Then go outside. Yes it’s annoying, but the light of day might just make you feel better and sleep better too.

  1. Then there is the fact that the days start getting shorter and even the sun seems lazier in color, not as bright because of its fall position.

When there is daylight and it is sunny, try to get some air, or put your face up to the light. Go outside and move around a bit. In the fall, take a walk, do the stuff outside that you say is too hot to do in the summer. Do some rearranging of fall cleaning in your sheds etc…

In the winter if the sun is less cooperative or non-existent, buy more LED bulbs and let the light into your home. Create a room that is super bright and spend some time in it.

  1. The best of the color green is missing. The coniferous are still around, but the beautiful leaves and grass are missing, making the trees look bare and dead.

Find a greenhouse or indoor green area in your region and go walk around to find your reconnection with the color green. The warm humid weather in there also makes you feel back in touch with summer.

  1. Winter time is a time where people hibernate, like bears, but with better snacks and Netflix.

Although there is nothing wrong with a Netflix marathon now and then, it’s would be better to plan some evenings out. Looks for groups that meet once a week, or make dinner plans with friends. Start looking of how to fill your evenings and weekends with things to do. Plan ahead. Put it in your smartphone calendar and let the social planning begin. When you feel down go look at it and how busy you will be.

  1. Time can be long and boring in winter. Darkness is so early and the nights are soo long.

Get a winter hobby. Knitting, scrapbooking, model cars or airplanes, start writing a book. Anything that gets your mind off the long winter nights. You can also save some redesigning for rooms and do those in the winter.

Here are a few tips that I think are important for preparing for winter.

Get a good air purifier. In winter months, we tend to shut off our air supply from the outside and lock all our air inside the house. Opening windows on extra nice days and getting a good air purifier is a good idea. It might even help out with those nasty colds we get, getting the airborne stuff out more quickly. They sell some that get rid of that too. Just look for them and price them out.

Some articles I read advise to take anti-depressants when you have the winter blues. If you really have to I guess it would be ok, especially if you are suicidal or something. But if you can find other ways to get around that, try to find others who feel like you do and try to do stuff together. The love of a friend in my personal opinion is always better than any meds you ever take.

Get an oil diffuser and study up on essential oils. Make sure you know what you are doing before you do this because it can be powerful. A few drops in a diffuser can really change the way you feel and your mood. Lavender can calm you, Eucalyptus can clear you up and on and on. The different scents can make you feel so much better and get rid of the stale smells of winter in your home.

Take some vitamin C and D or eat foods higher in them. The sun helps with our absorption of these essential feel good vitamins. In winter it’s not always as plentiful.

Of course, there is the vacation to the south if you can afford it and going to Florida can be cheap enough if you don’t go to Disneyworld and such. But if you can’t do this, it’s not impossible to have a good winter right where you are.

I hope we can have a short winter, but if we can’t, I hope you have a happy healthy winter. Don’t forget, you are what you think.

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