Decade to Freedom! How to Better Insulate Your Windows with Plastic!

Here ‘s our latest installment with our Channel!

As you can see my husband plays mostly the lump in this episode, but we’ll try to get him to do more next time.

Thanks for your patience with the editing. It’s a learning experience. Ouff!

As always I get some help from the peanut gallery at the end! Thanks Jesse or Marilyn!

That kid cracks me up!

Have a nice Tuesday!

1 Comment

  1. You guys are nuts!!!! Love it!!!!

    Ps. I also heard that bubble wrap has the same effect and doesn’t require any heat or tape. It just automatically stick to the window. Maybe doesn’t prevent from the seals too well. And you can’t really see out of them. But if you’re stuck it’ll do. đŸ˜‰


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