The Power of Your Imagination!

I remember as a young child always being in my own mind. I would imagine myself in different scenarios. Sometimes even using my imagination to bring myself and others into some type of plays. Like a live TV show based on the TV shows of the times. A way of playing like cowboys and indians. It was fun and a break from reality for us. Being the best, most beautiful, awesome girl, anyways, you get the idea.

But on my down time I always lived there to escape my life or the boredom of living in a small town. There was nothing I loved more than to escape to my room and let myself dream of a place where I wanted to be. Most likely beautiful spot near a beach, where I was the hero of the hour, a wanted entity and queen of the show etc etc… Or a super hero like Wonder Woman, jumping off dressers with my cardboard cut out belts and head gear (of course this was before the age of 7). I saved everyone.

I remember a lot of smirks when I was younger and actually not talking about this much as I got older, because it was not considered normal. When I say not normal was that people generally did not do this in the places I lived, had not occurred to them to do this, to slip away from reality and have some fun.

When you were younger it was alright, but as they got older, people were hanging out in bigger groups, smoking cigarettes, exploring kissing and going to dances, I found that my imagination was still very active, but now I was more inside my head alone than with anyone else. Hiding it like a shameful thing, but what I didn’t realize at the time is that I was dreaming bigger and better things. Not stuck in the area I was in, not a prisoner of my small town. I was dreaming worldwide.

The thing is as I get older, I keep hearing about this thing of  if it feels right, then this is what you should be doing. You know your own path. But somehow, sometimes when you are the creative person who steps outside the traveled path, you were considered weird, eccentric.

It’s so different today, where mainstream sometimes loves the odd balls of society for their ingenious thoughts and ideas. I know I love these people and feel I can relate. There are groups that meet up, like steampunk groups, era groups, medieval groups, not to mention the Commicons etc… that all contribute to help people do grown up play acting and I find this the coolest of things.

If you feel creative but maybe shy about doing anything, you should try and get past what you are feeling and be yourself. The people who change this world are not the ones who follow but the ones who are innovative and creative.

So play with dolls too long, dress up a little weird, make your own group and do what feels right. Share your ideas with the world, because you are the people who make it better by thinking outside the box!


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