The One Who Inspires Me!

I will be celebrating 23 years of marriage with my husband this Saturday. I felt it appropriate to write an extra blog for this!

Here’s a few reasons why I admire you my hubby!

  • You have always worked so hard for your family. I remember being home with the kids and you worked until you could not stand anymore, while we knew of others living off the system that had boats in their yard, people who could work but didn’t. You knew that even if you could have done the same, that other working people would have to pay for you and you never thought that was right. I’ve always loved your sense of doing what was right even if it meant we had to work a little harder to get what we needed.
  • We had our problems and falling outs but you never let anyone speak badly of me. We always understood that it takes two to make a relationship and we both took the blame for our problems, regardless of what others thought.
  • You were always my best friend, even when we were falling apart. There is no one I would put above you, because we make sense together.
  • You graduated with honors from your college when no one believed in your intelligence. I always knew what a smart cookie you were, that’s why I married you! You never let what anyone thought of you make up your mind of who you really were. If anyone took the time to talk to you, they would see there is so much more than a dumb diesel mechanic!
  • I know you would climb mountains with your arthritis if you needed to, just for me, and I know you are the love of my life because the only time I saw fear in your eyes is when you thought we would not be together anymore. Knowing I matter so much to you has helped me heal so much. I know in my lifetime, I really mattered to you and I feel it every day and I am so grateful!
  • After all these years, we still talk to each other when we go for our breakfast on the weekend. We find new things to talk about. I enjoy my time with you always. I hope that never ends.
  • I know this one is old fashioned, but I know you would protect me if I let you. I see you quietly watching as I fight my own battles, always ready to be my backup and finish it I needed you to.
  • I love that you want to try anything I want to try. You never knock any crazy idea I have and say why not!
  • You helped me create some amazingly beautiful children, whom we love torturing constantly (yeah they love it).
  • You have a sexy butt (first thing I noticed and not your eyes like everyone else), beautiful eyes and such a cute smile, and am so glad in the last 10 years we were able to find your smile again. Looking forward to working on those smile lines on your face!

I love you my husband, my partner. I don’t know who else I would love more to spend time with. You are the light of my life. The only one who can drive me insane. The only person I can put up with spending all my time with. I know the next chapter will be even more fun, as we work to liberate ourselves to become the fun people we are together every day of the week, with new adventures!


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