Why I Yoga and Maybe You Should Too!

I sit, a lot. Not good I know. But I do.It started with having the type of job I have. I am whatever you call an office worker today. I’ve seen it called many things, but the thing I like to call it is stationary. You sit. And work with your head. The body… not so much.

Because of being so inactive and other ailments that I won’t get into here, I have become even more inactive, overweight and tired.

I know this, and I’ve tried over the years to lose weight usually without much success. I’ve tried the walking, the shakes, the bars, the powders, the juicing, the treadmill etc etc… I’ve some degree of success but never for very long, and have gotten bored with it. There is always a nicer meal plan or glass of wine that entice me so much more than this eating grass sucking shakes walking stuff!

But in the last few years, my health has been on and off and my priorities have changed, I no longer am looking for that perfect body; I am just looking for a body without aches and pains.

At the beginning of this journey it was all about losing weight and looking a certain way. As the years go on, I am noticing that my health is of more concern than the way I fit in jeans.

Now I know that some of this is because of certain energy sucking conditions that I have which makes me want to sit and do nothing for a month, but this weight thing I’m sure is not helping. And who knows, maybe with more activity, the other ailments would be lessened (which would be a thrill for me).

And for sure this sitting all day thing does not help me at all. I have aches and pains of an 80 year old some days or it sure feels like it.

Days of rain seem to make things worse, but one thing for sure is that my body is asking to be helped. So as with all other things in my life I am trying to move in the right direction again, but with something that I have found surprisingly makes me feel good.

I have always dismissed yoga because of the bendy like moves that my overweight body would say Hmm Yeah right! Are you kidding!

Is there such a thing as too fat for yoga, I don’t think so. Is there such a thing as too fat for some yoga moves, absolutely! Especially at the beginning of starting your yoga journey. Not to say that you may not be able to do it eventually. Downward dog is something I have great difficulties with especially since I am top heavy, so that one would need some time and weight loss to perfect and I ‘m sure I would not want one single person in that room with me seeing me try that one right now, not unless I was making a comedy special. Hey there’s an idea!

Looking at this chart I can see that number 4 will be off the list for me for quite some time and even the simplest of moves can represent some degree of difficulty when you are in pain.


But having read the great benefits from everyone as pertaining to yoga since it seems to stretch and limber and move all your muscles, keeping your body stretchy and such. I have realized that to everything is a way of doing it that will not kill the overweight novice in us.

With that being said, I have found a nice lady on YouTube by the name of Adrienne who offers multiple types of Yoga. My favorite of course are the ones that don’t make me into a pretzel although I am hoping that by the time I can do those things I will be in much better health.

I have found one that I do almost every day at around 2 pm when I am starting to hurt real bad. Yoga at Your Desk.

You don’t even need sound, and it’s done quickly and easily and I have noticed I feel so much better after I have done it.

It doesn’t look like much, but trust me after you are done; you will feel more limber if nothing else. Who knew the art of stretching would be so beneficial.

I have started with this and hope I can add more to this eventually so that I can start feeling better and hurting less.

I need to be a rocking rolling elderly person eventually!

If you do any type of low impact exercise that you have found beneficial to you, why don’t you share it here with me. I would love to know more ways to get moving to stop hurting.

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