Review of “Without Bounds” A Documentary

I find very little of value when it comes to TV watching, but if I do it’s usually in the way of a documentary. I have decided to review this one because I think it spoke to me and my husband of wanting to live simply and stress free.

In keeping with following what feels right with your life and what you want, this documentary spoke volumes to me, even to feel tears of yearning to have what they experience. I think most people feel this when they think of being able to live without being a slave to a paycheck.

I cannot argue with their logic or explanation of the madness we live in today with all the stuff we buy and everything we need or think we need to survive.

They have brought it back to the simplest form of being and are inspired by what surrounds them.

Some of these people hang around together, forming friendships based on their similar mind patterns and find peace and joy in their lives with the simplest things and I believe have found the secret to true happiness, and it’s not money.

It was published in November of 2014 and is entitled “Without Bounds” Perspectives on Mobile Living. Don’t let the subtitle fool you, it has everything to do with personal freedom from the chains that bind the rest of us everyday.

These people have tailored their lives to enjoy it and don’t equate a huge dollar amount to feel the joy of living.

With the economy in the last few years, people have really started questioning what exactly involves in being happy and can you still be happy if all your material crap is gone. I would say the answer is yes, it’s just that most of us have never questioned it.

You come in this world with nothing and we leave with nothing,so why is it so important to have everything in between?

Its about 50 minutes long and I suggest watching it with a warm drink and curled up in your favorite chair and maybe even with your favorite person.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

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