Positive Things to Do on A Rainy Day!

Rainy days are always hard for me physically since I’m almost always very sore on a rainy day. I also find that people seem grumpier.Staying in bed sounds like so much fun when you hear it beating on a tin roof in the early morning.

But if you do have to get on with your day, try to smile and if you are at home and can relax, here are a few things you might want to do to make it a better day.

  • Take a bubble bath! Oh how those nice bubbles and warmth take you to somewhere different, also so good for muscle tensions and aches and pains.
  • Create something like a scrapbook, recipe book, write your memoirs. Knit, sew, project around the house.Anything to liven up your day. Do the stuff you put off for a rainy day.
  • If you have kids, indoor camping is always fun. Whether with a tent or blankets, create a picnic area where you can have fun.
  • Bake cookies or a cake. The heat from the toaster over or stove will warm up your area and take out the humidity that makes everyone so gloomy and smell and taste wonderful.
  • Go through old pictures. Sit with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate and go through pages of your history or scroll on a SD card etc, whichever one applies.
  • Have an Old Movie or Netflix Marathon, ready with blankets and popcorn and don’t forget to snuggle.
  • Start a Blog!
  • Make Love…yes…light up some candles on and get to it, get romantic. Nothing like a nice little messy rainy hair day.
  • Read a good book sitting by the window and let it take you away or listen to the rain fall on a tin roof and give your head time to shut off.
  • And last not least… My favorite…Take a nap….zzzzz.
  • cloud-clipart-rain-cloud

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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