Need a lunch, Make too Much for Dinner!

It’s one thing to say to make a lunch every day to bring to work, however that can get super boring real fast and if you don’t do it the night before, then you have to do it before you go to work. Blahhh yuk.

Want to make it effortless?

As you make dinner tonight, make enough for lunch the next day. If you don’t want to eat that meal 2 days in a row, freeze it and take it with you another day. Freeze your individual left overs and use them as your lunch. No fuss, no muss, and you saved yourself some precious time and money by eating in.

If you pay $10 a day on lunch (and I’m being conservative here, cause I’ve spent about $15 a few times with a drink), you can save yourself about $50 a week, and it shouldn’t cost you much more to make extras. That’s a $200 a month savings. Which comes up $2400 a year.

Don’t want to spend on a drink, buy it at the store on your grocery day and store it at work. You can get charged up from $1.50 to $2.99 for a single can of pop at the restaurant. If you bought it yourself you could pay between .32 cents to .50 cents a can. Quite the difference! If you paid $2.99 x 5 lunches, you can pay up to almost $15 as opposed $1.60 a week if you bought your own. Which come up to $60 dollars saving a month and $720 a year.

I am not advocating buying soda since I am really trying to steer away from it; however, I wanted to use it as an example to prove just how much you can save.

I have free water at work, so when it comes to that, I have super savings since it cost me $0. And $0 is good especially if the amount it cost you and not what you have left in your pocket.

Even if you do this only half the week, you can see significant savings.

It’s the little things that add up to a lot. So make extra of that savory super and get to enjoy it again for lunch!

In all you get a savings of $3120. It really adds up. Are you keeping track of your savings!



  1. In addition what $ value can we place on improved health and function. Reducing destructive lifestyle patterns + reducing unnecessary expenses + improving one’s attitude about life + finding Passion and Purpose = A BETTER END RESULT.

    Great blog!

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