Why My Calculated Savings Decreases When it Comes to my Physical Health!

I’ve been harping on saving money and saving money on this blog! In fact, it’s one of my favorite topics. Who doesn’t want to put money back into your pocket? However there is one place I put savings in second place. And that would be any product that goes on my skin or in my mouth or will touch surfaces that touch my skin and mouth, and here’s why?If I save all this money but the processed stuff I put inside my mouth and on my skin is slowly killing me with chemicals, when will I ever spend my savings on my new found freedom if I am too sick to enjoy it?

Now as a child or a young woman, I never really cared about all of that stuff because frankly. I felt fine. I was slowly gaining weight after every child, but I figured if I was feeling fine, who cared.

Twenty five years down the road and with a family of overweight people, I stood there for a long time wondering what I had done wrong.

Wondering why my husband and I were getting ailments and sick, especially when I knew that I didn’t sit there and eat all day long. That I had my 3 meals and a snack at night, yet I could not lose weight.

First thing I noticed is the amount we eat, the lifestyle we lead and the quality of the food.

Now having realized that I also knew my battle with all of this would not be won overnight, unlike the young people of today have a wealth of information available to them, so they can make some much more well informed decisions, our generation did not come around questioning everything we ate, we just kind of assumed if they sold it for consumption, it should be ok.

The thing of it is, even if you are not overweight, does not mean you are in perfect health. The more I speak to people, the more I realize how we are all in the same boat. And the only direct cause I can find is the stuff that we have surrounding us. Plastic and chemicals etc…What we ingest, what we breathe.

The other point is moving. I have a job where I sit all day and by the time I go home and do all I’m supposed to, laundry, clothes folding, bathroom cleaning after my 9 hour day, I don’t have the energy to take a jog or ride a bike, why would I when the food I put in my mouth has no nutritional value and the sole goal to make me search for more junk. But we try.

We try to eat foods that have not been modified or sprayed, but this is sometimes hard to do as well.

And I’m not making any excuses for myself because after all is said and done I have a choice. There are some real facts to this however and them being;

1) We live in a world where we have stopped moving, we have to commit to move to stay healthy not like in the old days when everything was manual and physically we had to be fit to keep working, and honestly sometimes its hard to get the motivation to get moving when you are aching and have a choice to sit instead.

2) We eat food with ingredients we can’t pronounce, spray the air with chemicals they tell us not to ingest, and the same with makeup and deodorants they tell us not to eat because it could be toxic to you. If you can’t eat it why are you OK to spread it across your skin, the largest organ on your body that absorbs absolutely everything?

The other thing is, it absolutely boggles the mind when you think of all that is involved, from creams to toothpaste. If you sat and took inventory of all the stuff we eat, we breathe, we wear and all the composition, it might lead to panic.

The body we have was made to evolve with the changing planet, however, sometimes I think we give it too many things to adapt to and so my family and myself are trying to stop the evolutionary clock when it comes to these things and make wiser decisions.

All this to say, if I have a choice of cheap or healthy for me, I will try to make the healthy choices, even if sometimes my wallet is not too happy with me. I’m hoping my body will enjoy my choices and eventually heal itself.

All I do for now is be aware of what I do and what I buy and try to make smarter choices as I go, hopefully to help my body and my future.

It’s also fun sometimes to make your own stuff and to know without doubt what is in it and feel the positive vibes of what you are giving your vessel while we are on this planet.

All this to reach my #Decade To Freedom!

To all my new readers! Welcome and I hope anything you read here contributes to your quality of life!

Namaste, Be Well, and as a best girlfriend of my signs off with everything, In Joy!

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