The Power to Put Yourself Out There!

Ever have a WOW moment. I had one of these today. In a way it was a BAMM moment too. And the dam opens up and lets the light in.Today was such awesome day! And I realized that lately what I want to happen, well it does happen, because I am ready and I want it to happen.

A thought that crosses your mind day in and day out, and a conversation with your partner saying, I wish I could attract more like minded people in my life. Facebook and other social medias are such great platforms for such things.

Connecting people from all around this great globe and letting us be friends with humans that we would have possibly never met 30 years ago, because we would have never had the chance to meet them unless we flew over and met them by chance.

Being able to just connect with anyone in a moment anywhere on the planet is a miracle in itself, but on the down side, if you have been on social media for any amount of time. You will soon realize it’s a grounds to send off some real nasty stuff. Negativity and constant reporting of the media garbage that is going on around us can cause some of us to fade out and our light of hope and faith that we need to believe that the world is good place filled with good people. Some people can make you want to sit in your home with a blanket on top of your head, scared and more alone than you ever felt. I refused to be this way. I turn away from such things.

My partner and I recently started a YouTube Channel to share our journey that we are calling “A Decade to Freedom” and in it we are sharing how we are saving to pay off the great circle of debt that so many of us are stuck in with tips and things we are doing everyday to make our lives simpler. We want to eventually be free to travel and enjoy living since this journey here is so short to begin with and on the weekend when discussing whether or not to do this, my partner told me this.

“You know why this is a good idea, because we can help people and share our journey and mistakes and successes and also meet like-minded people in the process, some of whom we might even meet one day, when our wheels finally hit the ground!”

This brought us such a great hope, that I decided we could this (warts and all). Although it’s a learning process and I’m never entirely sure if I’m doing it right, Ha! It’s been fun to think that we would eventually start slowly meeting people with good hearts and laughter in their lives and smiles on their faces!

This morning a lady name Sarah in the Dr. Wayne Dyer Fan Club group suggested this post. “Make a New Friend, Just Post Your Name And Whoever Likes It, Add Them.”

Suddenly a whole slew of like-minded people started adding and then friending each other. It was a mass love in, honestly that is the only way I can describe it or at least that is how it felt.

I can’t describe to you just how wonderful it was to have all these positive people adding you. Folks that like your post and have similar likes and positive thoughts. Flowers shared, replies flying like a mass positive energy explosion.

“Our Intention Creates Our Reality” – Dr. Wayne Dyer.

It’s true, it really does happen. So wish away and then believe your wish and it will come true.

Thank you for all who have joined me and in turn let me join you in your wonderful journey. I am so grateful to have you all around. I felt the shift today and I am feeling the joy of it. And as Dr. Dyer would say, “Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Here’s our new Channel if you want to know more about us and our journey!


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