Why I love Autumn and Maybe you Should Too!

With the end of summer and cooler days, it’s time to make a list of the best things I love about Fall.Fall just so happens to be in my top list of seasons that I enjoy the most, right up there with spring and summer.

So here goes:

The changing colors of the leaves. This can’t be talked about, but must be shown.


Nice big warm sweaters! And warm blankets on cold days!

If you have one, a nice crackling fire. Sooo nice to warm up near the fireplace on those cool fall days and nights.


How about those beautiful night skies…stars and moon showing up brightly because of those crisp evenings! Great time of the year to go star gazing!


And of course Thanksgiving and turkey dinners…yummy!


Can’t forget Halloween with trick-o-treaters and pumpkins!


I don’t know about you guys but for us girls its all about our wonderful fall boots…this time of year means I can break out my fashionable fall attire!

Those nice walks in the crisp air…the kind that cools your cheeks and makes you enjoy your warm fire even more when you get back to it!

Time for snuggling…after those months of heat that hugging makes uncomfortable…fall is the most hug friendly time of year!

Soups stews and warm beverages. Also baking. Fall is a great time of year to get your baking in order for the holidays!

And here was quick top 10 of my favorites of fall. Do you have more to add?

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