You Don’t Have To be Rich to be University Educated! You can do it for free! Here’s how!

Ever dream of saying you were Yale or Duke educated?Well dream no more. What if I told you that you could do it for free!

No you did not misunderstand me. I said free.

I’ll prove it. This October I will be taking a course called “Moralities of Everyday Life” from Yale and “Advertising and Society” from Duke for absolutely free.

Here’s an article that helps you find these courses. There are 7 places listed here where you can get educated for free!

I downloaded the Coursera App on my phone and now have fingertip access to all they offer. I have seen quite a few things that might interest me in the future and have not even looked at the other 6 yet.

Some even offer certificates at the end of your class.

Now let’s be clear on one thing. You can’t pick the type of courses you want to be educated in as in to get your degree in Accounting and such. But there are some interesting coursed they do offer that might help in other areas in your life.

I’ve always been taught that a free education of any type is a good thing.

It’s worth a look if you are hungry for knowledge as I have always been in life or even if you think it might look good on a resume when looking for work.

For whatever reason, it’s great that they offer such things for free online.

So go out there and get edumecated!


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