10 Ways to Save an Emergency Fund!

A quick one today:

Want create an emergency fund. All you need is to find $1.50 a day in savings to do this. $1.50 x 365 days = $547.50.So here we go:

  1. Take your loose change and put it in your piggy bank every day.
  2. Use you debit less and minimize transaction fees. Instead take the cash out and separate it into envelopes for the different things you need to buy. Example: Groceries, gas, etc.
  3. Bring a lunch to work once or twice a week and put the money away that you would have spent.
  4. Shop with a food list and stick to it. Put your savings in your piggy bank.
  5. Purchase store brand meds instead of name brand. They usually offer up a decent savings and do the same job. Check the ingredients you’ll see.
  6. Don’t use your debit card with other banks machines, you’ll get charged a fee between $1.50 to $3.00 per use. Again put that money away instead.
  7. Lower you heater in winter and A/C in summer by a few degrees. You can probably get by without feeling a huge difference except maybe in your wallet.
  8. Do an audit of your home to see if you have loss of heat or cool. Repairing leaks can save you many dollars in the long run.
  9. Consider sales or goodwill when you are buying clothing. You can get some real finds there, I just recently found a new Adidas shirt for .50 cents.
  10. Make your own gifts instead of purchasing something store bought. The time you put into a gift will be greatly appreciated by the receiver, it will be one a kind and probably cost you less.

If you put some of these into effect, you are sure to start saving a few dollars here and there to build the all-important emergency fund. We don’t like emergencies, but sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Wouldn’t it be nice that you don’t have to set yourself back if that happens and you can just take money that has been set aside for such a thing?


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