How to Become Physically Active without Expensive Equipment or Gym Memberships!

If you have been following and reading my blog, you are now hooked up to internet tv, either an Apple TV or Roku or both.If you are not, here is another reason you should! Want to get in shape. I would love to do this in the next year or so, but always feel like I need to join a gym or get some equipment. Lord knows I have plenty of equipment in my house that sits there doing nothing. And it’s not the first time!

Truth is I have a few reasons why I should start off a little more smoothly in my change from not moving to moving. I have a few issues that going full boar could cause more trouble than I want to deal with.

But where to begin?

Well that’s easy enough. Go to YouTube. If you are familiar with it on the TV boxes, you should be also familiar that you can have your own account and subscribe to different channels.

So this morning, just for the fun of it, I looked up easy yoga. And sure enough a variety of videos showed up. I checked a few out and subscribed to a few that looked like it might be fun.

Then I check out easy Tai chi. And again, a bunch of videos came up and again I clicked on a few to subscribe.

Next I checked for easy low impact cardio, then easy dance exercise. Anyhow, by now you get the point.

I checked all of these because if you are like me. I get bored with the same old stuff once I figure it out. So now I don’t have to do the same stuff every day and if my fitness level gets better which it should, all I have to is look for intermediate level yoga or Tai Chi, etc…

And the best part. No equipment, maybe a mat for yoga, and no expensive gym membership. Now some might say that if you spend on a membership you will feel the need to go since you don’t want to spend cash for nothing.

Everyone who’s ever had a gym membership (and I’m not talking about body builders etc., I’m talking about you New Year’s resolution people out there like me who make a pact and fall for all the advertising they do to get rid of the turkey you had over the holidays) put your hand up if you ever bought a gym membership and suddenly paid all this money to never go?

I know you can’t see it, but I am frantically raising and waving my hand.

A commitment is made with your head anyhow. Either you will do it or not, regardless of the money. So why spend it when you don’t need to.

And if you think it would be more fun with friends, invite them over or go to their place if they have the same set up. No need to give up doing it with friends and it’s still free!

Try it this way. You never know, you may find an exercise that you truly love doing that’s all new to you. Something that will motivate you to healthy and it’s the best price altogether. Free.


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