Think Your Way to A Happier You!

It’s easy to get into a rut of what is wrong with your life. You can let nasty thoughts take over and suddenly you are unhappy and your life is awful.We can quite literally spin ourselves into a depression if we are left to our thoughts and they become depressing ones.

Here’s a thought. Think Happy Thoughts or rather, make it a habit of writing down 3 positive things a day, or 4 or 5 even. With Social Media it’s so easy to do today.

You can also join groups on Facebook. Here’s a plug for one of my own pages under “Today I am grateful for”.

Even on your worsts days if you can find a reason to be happy, you will lead a life of gratitude inviting it into your days.

Today I am grateful for

  • It’s Friday (weekend coming up…Yay!)
  • It’s a beautiful sunny day. Love the sun.
  • That I found a topic for this blog, yet again.

I could go on, but I’m good. I’m usually grateful for a good cup of coffee. I know I will be grateful tomorrow for going to breakfast with my husband and just going around my home enjoying myself.

If you wake up looking and observing what you can be grateful for every day, it will find you!

So start writing about what makes you positive and happy today! Have a great weekend!


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