How to Live Happier Starting Today!

“No one ever dies from a snake bite.  The snake bite will never kill you.  You cannot be unbitten.  Once you’re bitten, you’re bitten.  But it’s the venom that continues to pour through your system, after the bite, that will end up destroying you.”
Wayne Dyer, 10 Secrets For Success and Inner Peace

“Resentment is like venom that continues to pour through your system, doing its poisonous damage long after being bitten by the snake. It’s not the bite that kills you; it’s the venom. Send love in some form to those you feel have wronged you and notice how much better you feel.” –Facebook Wayne Dyer. January 17,2012

I wanted to start off with this since I was listening to “the Teacher”. A film created to mirror how Wayne dealt with an absentee father.

He disliked his dad for so many years, the poison it was causing his life was doing more damage to him and his future than good. He ended up sending love to his father and started feeling better and his journey began to be in love.

Now I never thought of Mr. Dyer as a God or Guru, I did however like listening to him and knew that had some real good ideas. I liked listening to his journey in the years since I heard of him.

I will be the first person to say that I am by far nowhere near perfect. I will judge in my head. I will get mad at things that don’t have anything to do with my life.

It’s very hard today to not get mad at everyone who cuts you off, who acts dumb, who gets in your way, who makes your life difficult. And we all know it’s easier said than done not to get mad. But how long do you stay mad.

Right now, I am practicing getting rid of the poison. That stuff that stays and festers inside you. I still get angry, oh yes do I ever get angry sometimes, however, I can decide how long that is relevant. I am lucky in a way. I have a pain on my side that is recurring. Has been for a year. Doctors don’t know what it is. I think it’s cyst or lumps that are attached to something it shouldn’t and although it’s not as worrying as it used to be to me, it has the effect of  being very uncomfortable when I am tense or upset. Like a gauge to let me know that I am not well. So if I want to walk around with a healthy body with relatively little pain. I need to make peace or let go of what is bothering me. Sometimes I wonder if that ailment was not put there for a reason. No doubt Mr. Dyer would love that comment. Nothing happens without reason. We are all on the path we are supposed to be on. I’m testing a theory that somehow when I have mastered being a kinder, less judgmental person who can try to find love and letting go, that my ailment will also disappear. Somehow I believe that is a truth I am hoping to live very soon. I have faith.

Its not living in constant bliss. It’s wanting to find peace as opposed to chaos. When you get mad, and you repress it or unleash it, there are all kinds of nasty things that happen. Blood pressure elevates, your body tenses and gets sore, and it often leaves you tired and unmotivated. Makes you question all the good in people and in your life even.

Here’s what I try to do now. Sometimes it doesn’t work but sometimes it does.

Someone cuts me off with their car.

I curse and think of what an awful driver they are, and how dangerous they are. I wonder if they are texting or older or drunk.

Then I stop. Did I have an accident? No. Can I carry on my day. Yes. Am I still concerned about all those people being behind the wheel. Yes. If the opportunity for me to do something about these things comes up, will I get involved to help protect myself and those I love around me. YES. Can I let it go for right now and enjoy my day. Absolutely.

The more you do it, the better it is and the easier it gets. Maybe that driver was there today to have you post something about drunk driving or texting and driving that someone will see and decide that today is the day they become responsible. In turn, it may end up saving someone’s life. Sometimes the lesson is not apparent right away and not meant for you. We are all here to learn and teach. Sometimes we teach, sometimes we learn.

So next time something angers you. Take a moment and wonder, is this really that important to anger me all day? Can I just move on and let go with love? Try to make the answer yes. Send them peace and and move on.

Move on to those who love you. Don’t burden them with that anger by transferring it to them, because that is what people do. Invite more positive feelings in your life so you can share them with the ones that matter to you.

It doesn’t mean you will be able to do it all the time. And don’t beat yourself up if you can’t always do it. The important thing is to try. For your health, for your inner peace. Talk yourself down and away from the poison and live happier starting today.

Please note I am not talking about anything involving someone causing you personal harm such as abuse of any kind. These people need to be dealt with by the law so they do not continue causing harm to others.


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